How to restore the factory settings HTC One M8

Most of the Android utilizing peoples suffer this kind of seasonal fever in real time manner. That’s their mobile gets hang during heavy or even at normal operations as well. Apart from that, the same system gets slower functionalities in day by day operation for sure. Just in these situations you will possessed with the only option of erasing i.e. formatting the system completely. This is technically termed as the process of restore factory settings indeed. But, before you must initiate this process, you must have to know various hidden factors available with the same, only then you can get the right chances of clearing the data and enjoy the factory settings effectively.

How to restore the factory settings HTC One M8

Let us now see the crystal step by step procedures to initiate the process of restoring the HTC One M8 Android mobile in certain incredible form. Are you facing the problem of hanging and slow operation with your HTC One M8 Android mobile? You can simply solve the same issues in the form of restoring the settings to the factory made indeed. Please make a double note of this, doing such restore default task will delete all your settings, personal data such as emails, contacts, accounts and all users downloaded apps  in certain.

So make sure to sync your phone and make a backup of your apps before you proceed to do a factory reset without fail.

Restore Settings of HTC One M8 Android Mobile from Setting Menu:
  • Just go to the settings of your Android mobiles. Just tap the backup and reset option indeed.
  • Just tap over the reset option.
  • If you want to wipe the HTC One M8 android mobile to erase documents, media, and other data from the phone storage, just select erase all data otherwise leave the same.
  • You can also make the process of erasing the SD cards memory as well.
  • Now simply tap OK button. As the confirmation of the completed process of restoring the default settings your mobile will be re-boot in real time mode.

How to make the Hard Reset of HTC One M8 Android mobile
  • Just switch off your android mobile.
  • Now simply press and simply hold the Volume Down button and now simply press and hold the power button as well.
  • Just wait for the three different android images to appear, and release the power and volume button gently.
  • Use the volume down key to select the available list of options, and select the Factory Reset and now press the power button.

Please feel free to give your comments about the process of restoring your HTC One M8 Android mobile indeed.

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