What is Node.js Crash Course and How to setup the Node.js


Welcome to your absolute first step in turning into a hub ninja a fairly than pack now I do as of now have a hub instructional exercise on this channel yet I needed to update this is on the grounds that well that is around four or then again five years of age so I needed to do a speedy revive a decent new hub instructional exercise since later on I'm going to make some further developed hub instructional exercises also and afterward I can guide individuals to this later playlist to become familiar with the nuts and bolts as a matter of first importance OK there so first things first what is hub j/s well as designers when we're making sites we ordinarily talk about code on all things considered the front end inside program or back end code or worker side code which is the code which runs on a worker now javascript is ordinarily bound to run in a program in the past on the front end and we'd use it to do things like add intelligence to a site page like click occasions or things like that now we never used to have the option to run JavaScript straightforwardly on a PC or worker however hub permits us to run JavaScript on the worker side too or even straightforwardly on PCs now before you clarify any more about that as a matter of first importance I need to talk a tad about how PCs in reality get code so PCs truly just comprehend machine code yet that is truly intricate to compose and a peruse it resembles parallel like this so something called low level computing construct is based on top of that which is somewhat simpler to peruse furthermore, compose which is then amassed down into machine code so the PC can still comprehend it however this here this constructing agent language is still excessively complex to peruse and compose so based on top of that we have programming dialects like C++ which are preoccupied a ton away from gathering code and they're a lot simpler to peruse and compose so eventually this C++ code is then, at that point ordered down to machine code so along these lines we can compose C++ code on a PC and a PC will comprehend this is on the grounds that it's being ordered down to machine code now JavaScript is a language which is disconnected considerably more away from machine code than C++ to make programming simpler still however PCs can't straightforwardly comprehend JavaScript or arrange it down to machine code so we can't straightforwardly run JavaScript on a PC right however it can run inside a program so how does that function admirably running inside programs is a motor called the v8 motor and the v8 motor is written in C++ by Google and it orders JavaScript into machine code at runtime so bypassing JavaScript code through this v8 motor in the program the PC can then, at that point comprehend JavaScript inside the unique situation of that program in any case it can't run JavaScript outside the program on the grounds that there is no v8 motor incorporating it down outside the program it's restricted to the program just yet that is the place where hub becomes an integral factor so node.js is a program additionally written in C++ and that wraps the v8 motor so this v8 motor that is in programs lives inside hub also presently in light of the fact that hub is written in C++ it can run straightforwardly on our PC so by introducing and running hub on our PC it can take our JavaScript it can run it through the v8 compiler that it has inside it and it assembles our JavaScript into machine code so that in embodiment we would now be able to run JavaScript straightforwardly on a PC or worker and not simply in a program however hub is more than simply a covering for the v8 motor it likewise guides into the v8 motors and greater usefulness to JavaScript so that at the point when we are utilizing hubs an aggregate and run JavaScript we can utilize the entirety of this additional usefulness in our JavaScript code and that sort of usefulness incorporates things like the capacity to peruse what's more, compose documents on a PC or to associate with a data set the capacity to act as a worker for content these are all the sort of things you'd expect a worker side language to do and presently we can do them with JavaScript running through hub presently recollect javascript was initially made for the forehead to add intelligence and not to run straightforwardly on PCs or administration so typically it can't do the entirety of this stuff in any case, with the assistance of hub it can yet on the other side since we're currently utilizing hub to run JavaScript outside the program we lose admittance to JavaScript highlights such as the record object model we can't communicate with HTML components any longer yet we don't actually have to do that when we're running JavaScript on a worker and going about as a back-finish to our site right so returning to PCs what's more, machine code hub currently connects to the top of this stack with the v8 motor so that now we can compose JavaScript code on a PC which is then gathered down into machine code timberlands so that PCs would now be able to comprehend JavaScript furthermore, that is cracking amazing so then, at that point presently we have a bird's-eye see of how hub really helps us what would we really use it for well the job of hub in a site is essentially to run JavaScript toward the back or worker side and afterward we will be taking care of solicitations rolling in from a program so for instance a client may visit your site in a program now that program will make a solicitation to the worker the hub worker is going to run some sort of JavaScript you'll respond to the solicitation and it may convey perhaps with a data set or documents on the worker then, at that point it will plan a few sort of reaction and send it directly back to the program since reaction could be a HTML page with dynamic information inserted inside it or possibly some CSS and picture documents and so on so essentially the note worker is running JavaScript on the back end to do the entirety of this so utilizing hub in a site is practically another option presently to or the worker side dialects like Python Ruby PHP and so on yet the rad benefits of utilizing hub over the others first of all in case you're as of now acquainted with JavaScript then, at that point there's positively no need to gain proficiency with another worker side language since hub will be taking javascript and accumulating it down so we can utilize a similar language on the front end and the back end and to that end we can likewise share cold for front end and the back end since the two of them use JavaScript it's extremely famous and it's got a monstrous enormous local area around it so there's consistently help in the event that you need it furthermore, there's additionally a tremendous measure of outsider bundles and devices to help with web improvement and we're going to consider some to be those as we go through this course I as opposed to so in this course we're going to go from the earliest starting point and regardless I'm demonstrating how to introduce hub and use it to run JavaScript on your PC or in a worker then, at that point we will perceive how to use know to peruse and compose documents on your PC we'll likewise perceive how to make a worker and afterward make a site utilizing hub by posting for and reacting to HTTP demands then, at that point we will jump directly into outsider bundles in specific Express to make an express up and that is an incredibly simple way and a well known approach to fabricate hub sites then, at that point we will present data sets specifically MongoDB which is a no continuation information base also, we will utilize that to store information and afterward make dynamic site pages also, to that end too we will utilize layout motors js specifically to infuse dynamic substance into our HTML layouts which we would then be able to send back to the program at long last we will put everything together that we figure out how to make a hub controlled site project so this is the little task we're going to make it's an exceptionally straightforward blog site where we can list the entirety of the current online journals we can tap on one to see more data we can likewise go to add a new blog and I'll simply call this one Mario Party and include some ninja tips as you do like so and afterward click on submit and we can see that new blog at the top here we can likewise erase writes by tapping on this little Delete symbol here and we have an about page also which each square necessities so this is the undertaking we will be making utilizing hub Express and furthermore MongoDB as the information base too all through this series now before we start I need to make one thing gem clear this isn't a novice Java Script course and you should definitely know the establishments of the JavaScript language things like capacities how offbeat code works all that sort of and optimal it you ought to likewise know a little bit about HTML and CSS too since at the day's end we are making a site also, there will be HTML and CSS include presently I have seminars on both of these things on this channel and on udemy I've got an advanced JavaScript course and furthermore a HTML and the CSS compressed lesson too so the connections to both of these are going to be a feature down beneath an as opposed to posse so the initial phase in this is to introduce hub on your PC now it is possible that you as of now have hub introduced on your PC however you're only ignorant of it so to watch that open up a terminal I will utilize order brief by composing CMD and squeezing enter and then, at that point in here sort hub space hyphen V also, on the off chance that you have hub introduced it ought to give you back a form number you can see mine is rendition 14 point 1.0.

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