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What are all the React Js Component

 In the absolute first initial video we had a short outline of the demonstration part based design in this video we should dive into its subtleties in respond a segment addresses a section of the UI returning to the model from the previous video you can say that our application has five parts one for header one for side nav one for the primary substance one for the footer lastly one part to contain each and every other part the containing segment is the root segment and is generally named as application segment in your application each of the four settled segments depict as it were a piece of the UI nonetheless all the parts meet up to make up the whole application parts are additionally reusable a similar segment can be utilized with various properties to show distinctive data for model the site map segment can be the left side nav just as the right side nav and as of now referenced segments can likewise contain other segments for instance application part contains different segments presently how does a segment decipher the code in our application the part code is normally positioned in a JavaScript document for instance AB segment is set in a BAS you can likewise have part records with dab J as X expansion yet for this series we adhere to the basic dab J's augmentation we will nonetheless take a more intensive glance at JSX in one of the impending recordings okay so a segment is fundamentally the code inside a speck j/s record yet what does that code appear as though that relies upon the kind of the segment in respond we have two segment types a stateless utilitarian segment and a stateful class part useful parts are in a real sense JavaScript capacities the bring HTML back which portrays the UI for instance a work called welcome which returns an h1 label that makes proper acquaintance vishwas now I realize the HTML doesn't say that however for straightforwardness simply accept we are returning normal HTML quick segments then again our customary es6 classes that broaden the segment class from the responsive library they should contain a render technique which in turn returns HTML for instance class welcome expands respond dab part and the class contains a render strategy which in returns a h1 label that makes proper acquaintance which was currently what is the distinction and when to utilize one over the other we will examine in the following not many recordings however make a note of the two segment types stateless utilitarian segments and stateful class segments now that we make them comprehend of respond parts we should analyze the application segment in our welcome world application on the off chance that I return to versus code the primary thing to see is the document expansion spot J s so it is a JavaScript record if you investigate the code you can obviously see that this is a class segment and not a utilitarian part the class is named as application and broadens the segment class from the respond library it contains a render technique which thusly returns some HTML now this is a basic hi world application and thus we have only one part you can have tens hundreds or even large number of segments Facebook I accept has over 30,000 segments more intricate the application more the quantity of parts okay then, at that point let me rapidly sum up what we have found out about segments portray a piece of the UI they are reusable and can be settled inside different parts there are two sorts of parts stateless practical parts and stateful class parts segments are the structure squares of any respond application so it is vital to get a great comprehension of the two sorts of parts.Thank you

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