How to create the Limited Box using Flutter Widget


Hi all a few gadgets set their size as per limitations characterized by their folks however gadgets, for example, ListView line or segment try not to put limits on their kids' estimates how would you force default size on a gadget that's subject to their guardians requirements when they don't exist enter the restricted box gadget limit a case gives this youngster a default size just when restricted boxes parent is unbounded when a gadget guardians compel its size restricted box has no impact for instance, the external compartment has set requirements first youngster so wrapping it in the restricted box does nothing restricted boxes potential becomes limitless when utilized with ListView whose scroll The course is unbounded suppose you need a rundown of gadgets that ordinarily attempt to coordinate with the parent size that is not going to work in a rundown putting compartments in a ListView shows nothing as compartments set their size as nothing at the point when unconstrained this time round enveloping the compartments by the restricted box forces the restricted box's maximum stature on every one of the compartments and there you have it restricted box gives its kid and normal measurement in unbounded conditions for more data on restricted box and the wide range of various footer gadgets head over to Federov. Thank you so much 

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