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How to learn about Python in easy way

Hi everybody and welcome to the Python course that we will do now this course will be focused on someone who may have fundamental information about what a programming language is yet this would be your first programming language and this is an incredible programming language to begin with it has a few constraints and now and then this isn't the right apparatus for the work yet a ton of times this offers individuals who have no experience programming a truly extraordinary method of getting what a programming language is and how to utilize one so the principle contrasts among Python and different dialects like C++ or C or Java is that Python is worked around two principle central focuses which I accept are code meaningfulness and effortlessness so we're going to we will bounce into the language here in a couple of recordings yet we need to do a couple of things first first we need to talk about what Python is and afterward we need to get it introduced and then, at that point we can begin examining you know what's a translator what is the means by which do you run a Python prearrange and afterward get into the actual language now the language is is extraordinary however it's simple and when we move beyond a comprehension of how the programming language works and the grammar and every one of the various advances you can do with it we will continue onward to as a matter of fact programming genuine applications also, showing you folks diverse reasonable uses of the Python programming language so for example we're going to be building a site we will be building a web scrubber and graphical utility we're really going to be building various graphical apparatuses since there are a couple extraordinary graphical or GUI anything you desire to call it there's a couple unique structures for Python that we could utilize so we will investigate three of them so first thing here's a pleasant truth in the event that you didn't realize Python is really named after Monty Python who's made a few extraordinary movies so on the off chance that you on the off chance that you haven't seen look for the Holy Grail or the existence of Brian go do it there are they're extraordinary motion pictures which is totally irrelevant so Python is really a lovely old programming language it was first presented in 1991 which makes it 25 a long time old there's two current adaptations presently this might be confounding also so there's a Python two series and there's a Python three series the Python two is as of now at 2.7 point 11 and the 3 series is at three point five point one presently we will utilize Python 3 in this course be that as it may Python 2 shouldn't be very different if a while later you need to investigate utilizing Python 2 that is totally worthy so presently as I said Python is based around straightforwardness and clarity and this implies that when you see Python code it's all space based so on the off chance that you took a gander at another code like Java you'd see a great deal of wavy supports and sections and a great deal of things that are only there to befuddle the denofa's developer Python depends on space so you don't have to wrap squares of code in wavy supports and you folks will perceive. Thank you so much.

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