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Explain details about Program Concepts and Programming Languages

Hi all and welcome back in this address we will discuss programs and the programming dialects so here is our layout we will perceive what our projects what's more, programming dialects we will talk about the machine language the get together language and undeniable level dialects all right so as a matter of first importance how about we characterize a program and it is likewise called a product it's anything but a bunch of guidelines that guide a PC so we use projects to cooperate or to chat with PCs alright so to tell a PC to accomplish something we should utilize a program alright and to compose programs we use programming dialects so how about we talk about programming dialects essentially there are dialects that are utilized to compose programs as you probably are aware PCs are machines and they don't comprehend the human language so programs are composed in a language that a PC can comprehend which is a programming language so to have the option to interface with a PC we ought to compose programs utilizing a language that a PC can comprehend which is a programming language presently we should perceive what do mean by machine language this is the PC's local language so it is the fundamental language of the PC this language utilizes zeros and ones so the digit 0 and the digit 1 and this is the reason it is called the double language paired methods two things so as you can see we are utilizing two digits the 0 and the 1 so for model on the off chance that we need to add two numbers 2 and 3 and get the outcome we would compose something like this is an guidance composed utilizing the machine language it is a gathering of ones and zeros as should be obvious and this is just one guidance just to get the amount of 2 and 3 and find the solution which is 5 so as you can see this is difficult to utilize additionally machine language is machine subordinate so it varies among various sorts of machines so this code here might chip away at a specific machine and it probably won't chip away at another machine so this is the thing that we mean by machine subordinate presently let me disclose to you this each guidance ought to be written in machine language before it tends to be executed so later on we will compose programs utilizing Java so the directions will be composed utilizing the java programming language so those directions should be meant machine code before we can execute them and this applies to any remaining programming dialects currently we should discuss the low level computing construct it was created to make programming simpler above all else it is likewise machine reliant and in the low level computing construct catchphrases were presented for instance we have a catchphrase add and a catchphrase sub and significantly more so writing computer programs was somewhat simpler for model in the event that you need to add 2 and 3 and get the outcome we will compose something like this is a gathering guidance we are advising the PC to add the number 2 and the number 3 and to store the outcome some place called an outcome alright so this is a guidance written in the gathering programming language so this can't be executed in light of the fact that as we said all directions ought to be written in machine code before we execute them so there is a program considered constructing agent that makes an interpretation of get together code to machine code so we should discuss the constructing agent assume that we have this get together code here as we said it can't be executed so this code is given to the constructing agent and the constructing agent deciphers this code to machine code and presently this code here can be executed and this is the means by which we can execute gathering code so at whatever point we compose a program utilizing gathering we will make an interpretation of it to machine code utilizing the constructing agent and afterward we will execute it so presently we should discuss significant level dialects so undeniable level dialects are another age of programming dialects in a significant level programming language we utilize English words so this is the reason a significant level programming language is not difficult to learn also, simple to utilize additionally undeniable level dialects are machine also, so our program will run on various machines and this is vital and every guidance written in an undeniable level programming language is known as a proclamation alright so later on at whatever point you compose a guidance utilizing Java for model we will consider it an assertion and a program composed utilizing a significant level programming language is known as a source of program or source code and presently we should see this model on the off chance that we need to add two also, a three and get the outcome we would accomplish something like this in Java this is a guidance composed utilizing a significant level programming language so this is an assertion and this is basically the same to math right we are saying that we need to store inside the outcome the answer of two in addition to three so two or more three will be determined so we get five what's more, five will be put away in the variable bring about math we have the idea of a variable right and furthermore in programming we have variable in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea what is a variable no issue I will clarify it without any preparation yet until further notice take a gander at this articulation and see the amount it is simpler than gathering and machine code and take a gander at this semicolon here essentially every guidance or each assertion should end with a semicolon and you will see this later on presently very much like before this is an assertion composed utilizing an undeniable level programming language so it can't be executed we ought to make an interpretation of it to machine code and then, at that point we can execute it so we can utilize what's known as a compiler or an translator to interpret a source code to machine code and recall source code is a program composed utilizing a significant level programming language so for model this articulation here is a source code since it is written in our undeniable level language so how about we perceive how we can make an interpretation of this assertion to machine code utilizing a compiler so fundamentally a compiler interprets all the source code into machine code so we have a source program or a source code and we will utilize a compiler to get an executable and executable is a record that can be executed by our PC so how about we see we have the source code here and we utilize the compiler to create the machine code and at whatever point we produce the machine code we can execute it utilizing an agent to see the yield or the outcome so the compiler changes over all the source code or all the program to machine code and afterward we can execute it to see the yield presently we should view the translator it works somewhat extraordinary an mediator interpret every assertion into machine code and execute put right away so it won't interpret all the program it interprets every assertion at a period so we have something like this we have an assertion from a program the translator will make an interpretation of it to machine code and afterward it will execute it so we will see the yield and this here will be done on every one of the assertions and our program proclamation by articulation however the compiler deciphers all the program into machine code OK so this is the contrast between a translator and a compiler so this is it for this video much obliged for watching.

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