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          If your were learning web advancement on the off chance that you know HTML CSS or you're learning those the subsequent stage for you will be hope to learn jQuery jQuery is the least demanding and generally famous JavaScript library so on the off chance that you need to begin learning JavaScript learn jQuery each business I've at any point worked for employments jQuery regardless of how enormous or how little they were so it's mainstream there are organizations that don't utilize it however a large portion of them do as such here's the way you add jQuery on your page you download it from jQuery com put it in your venture envelope and then, at that point what you will do is you're going to simply add a content tag and you'll add the source to it so in this case it's in a grove parts organizer a jQuery envelope within there and afterward there's my record jQuery j/s so when I put that on my page nothing changes on the grounds that jQuery doesn't really do anything it gives you a library of orders that you can use to get things done so it's on the page presently and I will go add my own script tag and within it I'm going to compose my own JavaScript so what you're must make sure to begin jQuery is a certain something and this is the retention part for you once you get through this you get to really have huge loads of fun with jQuery so here we go it's report before I notice that this dollar sign is the worth that is given to the jQuery library when it stacks up so whenever you need to reference jQuery you hit dollar so we go report and then, at that point we go dab prepared and you just got to retain this you'll later on comprehend what's going on with it and afterward you do this work thing capacity open and close brackets open and close wavy supports and afterward close your first enclosure truly what I did when I got going as I reordered this and saved it some place since it simply didn't make sense to me and you would prefer not to have to consider it simply glue this in your jQuery code consistently goes within a report prepared capacity you can have different archive prepared capacities there's actually no compelling reason to on the off chance that you just have a couple of lines of code yet they're not going to struggle what this does is this says hello hang tight for my entire report to load up before I have a go at running any JavaScript else you will attempt to converse with board one with JavaScript and board one hasn't stacked at this point so the Java scripts going to run it won't discover board one it will do nothing and afterward board need to load and it's not going to do what you're anticipating that it should do and you presumably will not get any blunders about it simply says nothing occurs so the document.ready work says hello sit tight for my record to completely stack then, at that point we should begin running stuff so your jquery goes in here there's likewise a short method of doing it and that is simply dollar work so that is the thing that I utilize that is the most individuals use yet you can do report prepared work they're exactly the same thing so presently that we've done that and presently that I've likely befuddled you from the beginning that is the just muddled part the rest of its how about we simply have a great time you're going to go dollar order and open your enclosure and afterward you have two sections to each jQuery activity you have the selector which works very much like CSS you see here I showed you what they are so there's board one and that is on the grounds that it's ID one precisely as though you were doing ID is board one very much like in the event that you were doing CSS so I've chosen it you can utilize single statements or you can utilize twofold cites yet don't have a clue what great is doing to me there you can utilize twofold cites possibly one work and afterward you give it dab and give it your strategy so in this case I will go conceal I'm going to hit save it will reload for me so there you go it loads up the page and then, at that point it shrouds board one I can advise it to shroud 300 which will stow away over the course of 300 milliseconds you'll see it sort of does a little liveliness there for me and afterward it's chainable jquery is magnificent and that you can continue to chain it as long as it's not the semicolon yet so I can shroud it and afterward I can show it throughout one second so it shrouds quick and afterward it shows gradually you can simply continue to go you can do howdy Joe greetings Joe there you go conceal show greetings Joe it's fun jQuery is huge loads of fun another thing you can do is slide up and similarly as you'd expect it slides up and afterward it covers up and afterward you can have it slide down up and afterward back down you can likewise add a delay in their deferral so we're going to delay briefly which is 1,000 milliseconds stand by a smidgen and afterward we'll rehash it jQuery it's great this is really amazing so I can have it slide up defer you can do blur in become dim there proceeds to go and then, at that point it will slide down another thing you can do is you can do blur switch you can do flip for essentially anything so in the event that I do blur switch twice then, at that point it'll become dull since it's right now in and afterward it will blur in on the grounds that it's as of now out switch will well it'll switch you can slide flip it's going to slide up it will slide back down and afterward you can simply flip if you simply need it's anything but a conceal a show stow away so that is somewhat the appearance and concealing pieces of jQuery very really fun you can go dab CSS this is the place where it gets somewhat more interesting and afterward you give it a couple of wavy supports which are alternatives and I'm really you can go shading red and afterward Oh red isn't fine you need to do it in cites sorry about that there you go and presently my shading got red this one has something different superseding it yet there you go the board one gets a shade of red and afterward I can do a comma here and I can go text style weight the one thing you can't do I'll show you in a second text style weight:bold there we go text style weight:bold the one thing you can't do is you can't do textual style - stand by in light of the fact that in JavaScript this implies text style - weight which it searches for math and doesn't make sense and will toss a mistake now that doesn't bode well what you can do is you can enclose that by cites in the event that you need to do it that way single or twofold statements and that works or on the other hand jQuery is sufficiently keen to where you can go textual style weight so there you go I can change the CSS and it's a little befuddling this is somewhat of a cleaner way of doing it we're making what's known as a JavaScript object on the off chance that you need to Google that so whenever you do wavy supports in JavaScript making an item except if you have work before it which is truly that is for a JavaScript exercise so presently I can go shading red and add a comma text style weight:bold now it's beginning to feel somewhat more like CSS and I can go display:none and simply on the off chance that I didn't have any desire to see it any longer which is essentially what a jQuery show/stow away does so there we go board 1 so we should make board 1 stow away and then, at that point we should make board to CSS murkiness 0.5 so presently when I boot up that is gone and that is mostly covered up and from this point we'll call this an exercise and what will the subsequent stage will be in the following exercise is to pay attention to occasions the genuine fun of JavaScript happens when you start communicating with what the client does those are called JavaScript occasions when they click do this when they float do this and when they mouse up do that so that is truly where jQuery settles the score more fun we'll stop here.Thank you all

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