Find Out Much Your Drunk with Latest Bactrack Skyn Smartwatch

Intelligence is everywhere in these days, right from your Smartphone to the Laptop and in most of the day to day electronic devices. These intelligence are certainly the humans and however, it does better job to our requirements. In such a way, the Smartwatches are really making sound performance with the Heart Rate Monitor and (motion tracking) helps you in finding the number of steps you make in every day to day life to calculate the number of calories burned as exercise. Today, there is a new Smartwatch released in India, which has some immense benefits for drinkers. Yes, now you can measure how much you are drunken with the Wrist Smartwatch.

Measure How Much I Drunk Today with Wrist Smartwatch:

When the technology grows much, it certainly coming better in our day to day lifestyle. With the help of the Wrist Smartwatch you can now measure the amount of ethanol content in your blood through sweat on the skin indeed.
Find Out Much Your Drunk with Latest Bactrack Skyn Smartwatch
Find Out Much Your Drunk with Latest Bactrack Skyn Smartwatch
Apart from the heart rate monitor and steps counts, this ethanol measurement is certainly attracts plenty of drinkers community and definitely earns better response as well.

Official Press Release by BACtrack Skyn:

The Bactrack Skyn is the maker of this incredible feature enabled wrist Smartwatch, which comes with the feature of measuring your drunken level. At the press release event, the maker said that, “The device is worn on the wrist and offers continuous, real-time, and non-invasive monitoring of a user's TAC (Transdermal Alcohol Content). Alcohol is detected and measured with transdermal monitoring, which tracks the ethanol molecules escaping through the skin. TAC samples are then converted into a history of a user's BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) with BACtrack's proprietary algorithm. BACtrack Skyn uses an electrochemical sensor and connects via Bluetooth to an app on a user's smartphone”.

NIH Award Winner:

National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted Wearable Biosensor Challenge and the Bactrack Skyn has won 1st prize in the event. Along with other 7 smaller startups the Bactrack won the 1st price. Perhaps, Bactrack yet to submit for the Food and Drug Administration for the approval for the marketing needs.

Pricing Might be Higher than other normal Wearable’s:

We all knew the current transportation officials were using the traditional portable breath alcohol testers (PBTs) which are quite costly in the market, also, it doesn’t even provide any real time blood-alcohol level. If this wearable is launched in the market, then definitely it could be the better alternate to the regular breath analysers technically.

Apart from all, the drinkers will have their self-knowledge of how much they drunk in real time!!!

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