Docoss X1 Android Smartphone Rs.888 Cash On Delivery

We all knew, there was a strong controversy over the recently unveiled (just image at least) Freedom 251 Smartphone. As there exists, that mobile is yet to get the clear statement from the makers about the date of launching and more questions, there is another controversial mobile made available in India. This time, the dirt cheap mobile is announced by “Docoss” interestingly, there isn’t any information about the company earlier. None of us heard about the mobile maker previously. This time, the Docoss mobile is slightly higher than the offer by Freedom 251, yes the all new Docoss X1 Mobile is Priced at Rs.888 and interestingly, this time, it offers the Cash On Delivery option.

Docoss X1 Smartphone Promises:
Docoss X1 Android Smartphone Rs.888 Cash On Delivery
Docoss X1 Android Smartphone Rs.888 Cash On Delivery
As the Docoss X1 comes with Rs.888 in India, this is definitely the currently available cheapest Android mobile for sure. This company is currently taking its orders on their official website and also with their hotline number i.e. 9616003322 indeed. According to the official information by the Docoss, the Docoss X1 mobile will be delivered by May 2 and you can opt for the Cash on Delivery to have yourself in the safer side. Also, the current booking for the mobile is made available till 29thApril at 10pm.

Features of Docoss X1 Smartphone:

The Docoss X1 Smartphone is promised to come with the 1.3GHz Dual Core Cortex A7 processor and along with the 1GB RAM for the finest performance.

In terms of the display, it will be featured with 4inch IPS touchscreen.

It is said to have a dual SIM with 3G Network support.

The battery capacity of Docoss X1 mobile is said to be 1300mAh.

In terms of memory, the Docoss X1 device is capable of supporting 4GB internally and 32GB expandable as well.

It has a 2MP primary can 0.3MP secondary camera for the normal usage of the same.

Verdict of Docoss X1:

As we have seen a controversial mobile announcements earlier, its better to have conscious over placing your order for sure. Interested mobile lovers can still place your order for the Docoss X1, as it has COD offer for sure.

Let us wait and watch the show later 2nd May 2016! Stay with us. 

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