9 More Railways Stations get Free Wi-Fi Railtel & Google

Google and Railtel announce their official statement about offering free Wi-Fi services at certain major railway stations across India. According to that, the first such offer were implemented with the Mumbai Central Railway station. Today, Railtel along with Google announced that, this free Wi-Fi Internet service across railway station is now available in Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Pune, Raipur, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Bhopal, Ernakulum and Kacheguda Junction indeed. This free public Wi-Fi services is now available at the above mentioned railway station (junction) as a service of “Railware”.

In order to connect to the Free Public Wi-Fi services from Railware, you have to do the following stuff.
9 More Railways Stations get Free Wi-Fi Railtel & Google
9 More Railways Stations get Free Wi-Fi Railtel & Google
How to access Railwire WiFi service

Step 1:
In your device's setting, select Railwire network, then open your browser and type railwire.co.in

Step 2:
Then enter your phone number on the screen and press "Receive SMS".

Step 3:
You will receive an SMS with 4-digit code. Enter the code and press Done.

Step 4:
From there, you will see a checkmark letting you known that you're connected to Railwire's WiFi service.

Press Release by Google India:

At the launching event of the free public Wi-Fi service at the above stations, Mr. Gulzar Azad the Head of Access Project from Google India stated that, “The network is now live in ten key stations across the country and we are scaling up our efforts to roll out the network quickly to cover some of smaller stations where connectivity is much more limited. As internet adoption grows in India, easy and affordable access to high-speed networks is the real need of the hour. With 100 stations live, this project will be the largest publicly accessible high speed Wi-Fi network in the country, but our real hope is that this project will set new benchmarks in delivering a reliable and consistent network connectivity in the country.”

Google also officially stated that, “The service built over the fiber network of Raitel is designed to offer high speed broadband experience to users. Travelers passing through these stations will now be able to easily stream a high definition video while they're waiting, research their destination, download a book or a new game for their journey”.

It is said that, Indian Railways in association with Railtel will implement the Free Public Wi-Fi services across India at 100 stations before the end of 2016. At the end of the project, there will be 400 stations available under the free public Wi-Fi internet for sure. 

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