Google Maps with PitStop & 3D Touch Support for iOS (4.16)

Everyone in the modern world certainly utilizes their Smartphone their various needs. Irrespective of the mobile maker, neither the operating system, the Google Maps simply has their contribution to the users in incredible navigation for sure. Most of the Android users simply gets their Google maps updates directly either from the maker or from Google itself, however, the other operating system like Microsoft (Windows) or the Apple (iOS) the case is different. Each time, Google has to push their update specifically for these operating system indeed. In such a way, Google has given their latest update to the Google Maps for iOS i.e. the version 4.16 with some incredible features never before.

Pair of New Features to Google Maps for iOS:
Google Maps with PitStop & 3D Touch Support for iOS (4.16)
Google Maps with PitStop & 3D Touch Support for iOS (4.16)
One of the major update associated with the latest Google maps for iOS is that, it brings up the detour or Pit stop support to the app indeed. Interestingly, there is also a 3D Touch to the maps (which is currently available for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus mobiles).

What is that detour/pit stop feature means? Let us have a description about that in the following lines. Earlier, with the Google Maps for iOS you can’t navigate your specific routes other than the stuff offered by the respective navigator itself. However, you can make it happen, but you have to come out of the navigation mode to do the same. With the latest update to the Google Maps to iOS (detour/pit stop) you can easily add your own routes for your specific navigation along with referring the gas stations, restaurants, favorite ice parlors and grocery store & more even on driving. Interestingly, this feature has been introduced back in October 2015 to the Android OS.

One Touch Navigation to Home or Work:

This is the result of another attractive feature added to the latest Google Maps for iOS i.e. the 3G Touch support. With this feature, you can instantly initiate your navigation process either to home or work place with a single deep press. This is new featured iOS app is made available in the App Store or even you can simply update the existing stuff from the iPhone.

Official Words on Google Maps for iOS:

“Whether you're running an errand in your own backyard or roadtripping through a foreign land, Google Maps helps you get where you're going, even if you have to make some stops along the way” wrote on a blog by Aditya Dharajanai, product manager of Google maps. “Finding and navigating to these last-minute pit stops used to force you out of navigation mode in Google Maps — and away from the traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions and map you rely on to stay on track”, he adds. 

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