Vodafone Launches 4G in Kolkata on Jan 25, 2016 | 1GB 4G Data Free

Vodafone is one of the prime telecom operators in India, whilst it has 2nd highest subscribers in India (at least according to the private sector). There are several attractive plans associated with the Vodafone, in both Postpaid and Prepaid stuff. When we compare to 3G network services, Vodafone certain offers better plans and speed. While coming to the 4G LTE services, Airtel doesn’t has much competence in the segment, although Idea launched its 4G coverage in India. However, it could certainly be changed with the arrival of Vodafone into the 4G LTE services indeed. Hope you know, Vodafone is anticipated to launch its 4G LTE service in India, at least a couple of months back.

4G LTE Services to be launched by Vodafone:
Vodafone Launches 4G in Kolkata on Jan 25, 2016
Vodafone Launches 4G in Kolkata on Jan 25, 2016
According to some rumors/unofficial news, Vodafone 4G LTE service is expected to be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru at the first phase of the service. However, it isn’t expected to be happen according to the news. Interestingly, Vodafone stated that, the new Vodafone 4G LTE service will be begin from Kolkata and it is anticipated to roll right from 25th January 2016.

Pre-Booking Offer with Vodafone 4G on Jan 26th, 2016:

According to the official report published in Indian daily, the Economic Times, Vodafone offered a statement that, “entered the final stages in bringing launching its 4G network in Kolkata on the 1800 MHz band”. As a promotional offer, Vodafone announced that, there are few promotional pre-booking offers associated with the Vodafone 4G on January 26th, 2016.

Latest Vodafone 4G Offers:

According to the official reports, with each Vodafone 4G SIM pre-booking, you can expect up to 1GB Data for Free. Hope you know, the pre-booking for the Vodafone 4G SIM is already unveiled on January 12 and the same ends by 24th January 2016.

Cost of Vodafone 4G SIM:

As a promotional offer, the new Vodafone 4G LTE SIM is expected to available at the cost of just Rs.199. Imagine 1GB 4G Data Free with new SIM of just Rs.199. It’s incredible right!

There isn’t any doubt that, you can enjoy the latest & upcoming 4G LTE services from Vodafone only with the 4G enabled handsets. Unless you doesn’t have the capable stuff, nothing favors you in terms of speed, nevertheless the offers.

Vodafone Launches its 4G Services in Kochi & Mysore:

Vodafone isn’t launching its 4G LTE services in India first from Kolkata. Yes, the Vodafone 4G Service is already existing in Kochi & Mysore. According to their promises, i.e. it could launch its 4G services in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Hence, from 26th January, you can enjoy the Vodafone 4G service in Kolkata. The official announcement about 4G LTE in India from operators could be unveiled on the Republic Day. Keep buzzing around us. 

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