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Gionee Elife S8 Mobile to be Released at MWC 2016

The mega event exclusively for the Smartphone or the Mobile world is scheduled to hold by February 2016 and it is certainly termed as Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. Most of the mobile makers will definitely look forward to the event to launch their best in class mobiles at the eve of the event. Most of the flagship mobiles are also tend to launch at this mega stage, which provides the global coverage to the mobile at its best. With respect to that, Gionee the world class Chinese mobile maker is interested in launching their upcoming Flagship device none other than Gionee Elife S8 mobile at the MWC 2016 indeed. Gionee Elife S8 at MWC 2016: Gionee Elife S8 Mobile to be Released at MWC 2016 The official statement from the mobile maker offers that, the Gionee Elife S8 will be featured at one of the world’s mega event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, which is scheduled to run at the rate of Feb 22 to Feb 25, 2016. Interestingly, there were no rumors for this mobile neither any leaks to

LG K10 & K4 Smartphone Rolled Out Globally | India Coming Soon

LG is the brand global Smartphone maker with several decades of expertise in the electronics industry. After releasing some of the best in class mobiles from the flagship segment, this mobile maker is now into the process of launching its all new K series mobiles. According to the official news, both the K4 & K10 Smartphones are now available globally. Interestingly, the LG K10 mobile is available for purchase in its home country, i.e. South Korea, whilst the LG’s Russian website spotted with the LG K4 mobile indeed. Let us see the powerful features enabled with the all new LG K4 & LG K10 mobiles in the following lines. Before going to the depth of these mobiles, let us have the highlights of the LG K10 mobile first. LG K10 & K4 Smartphone Rolled Out Globally | India Coming Soon Highlights of LG K10 Mobile: This LG K10 Smartphone is anticipated to have powerful features for the next generation mobile lovers at certain decent rates in the market. This latest 4G mobile is e

Honor Holly 2 Plus Smartphone Unveiled with 4000mAh

This is an expected move from the Smartphone maker Huawei about its Honor Holly device. Yes, finally, the Chinese mobile maker unveiled its Honor Holly’s successor device into the market, which is the first successor to the Holly Smartphone since 2014. There are certain powerful features associated with this device and are really excellent to the current generation utilities. One of the most fascinating features of the Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus mobile is that, this could have 15month manufacturer warranty followed by 30 days of replacement to the display at no cost. This is an impressive move by the mobile maker and definitely it could boost the sales with no doubt. Let us have the details about the new successor of Huawei Honor Holly device in the following lines. Honor Holly 2 Plus Smartphone Unveiled with 4000mAh Highlights of Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus Mobile: Powered by MediaTek 64bit CPU Mali T720 GPU Featured with 5inch IPS HD Display 2GB RAM & 16GB Internal Storage 13MP Rear

Oppo F1 Plus Smartphone to be Unveiled April 2016

Oppo is certainly one among the remarkable Chinese Smartphone maker available in the market. There are plenty of powerful features packed mobiles has been released by this mobile maker into the market. As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 certainly completed with high note, most of the mobile equipment makers started to release their new mobiles into the market. With respect to that, the Oppo is also into the process of teasing its latest mobile none other than “ Oppo F1 Plus ” indeed. Note, this is the first mobile from the maker in the “F” series. Interestingly, the Oppo F1 mobile is just announced today, however, there is an hint of releasing the Oppo F1 Plus, an upgraded mobile into the market in a real time manner. Features of Oppo F1 Plus Smartphone 2016: Oppo F1 Plus Smartphone to be Unveiled April 2016 It is anticipated that, the all new Oppo F1 Plus mobile will be available in the market right from April and could have been gifted with the 5.5inch display with the Full

Lenovo Vibe X3 Smartphone Launched in Amazon at Rs.19999/-

Lenovo is wide famous for launching the affordable 4G Smartphones in India, however this time, the mobile maker is keen in launching some high performing midrange mobile in the market. As announced earlier, Lenovo Vibe X3 will be available from 28 th Jan, 2016, this mobile is now available for purchase at the rate of just Rs.19999/- in India. This mobile will be available to purchase from the Amazon Online retailer from 2PM on 28 th January 2016. This Lenovo Vibe X3 is the current flagship device in the market for Lenovo. There is a lot to discuss about this mobile and hence look the following lines to find more interesting features. Highlights of Lenovo Vibe X3 Smartphone: Lenovo Vibe X3 Smartphone Launched in Amazon at Rs.19999/- Before going in depth to the Lenovo Vibe X3 features, let us have an overview specs here. 5.5inch Full HD Display Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 CPU Supports 4G LTE on Dual SIM 21MP Rear & 5MP Selfie Snapper Android Lollipop OS v5.1 4K Fingerprint Sensor 3600

Gionee Marathon M5 Mini Smartphone Launched with 4000mAh Battery

Gionee is widely famous for making the Smartphones which lasts long in terms of battery capacity. Officially, the long lasting Smartphones from Gionee is termed as “Marathon mobiles”. Hope you know, Gionee launched their Marathon M5 Smartphone last month, whilst it is now set to release their mini variant in the name of “ Marathon M5 Lite ”. Interestingly, this mobile is also featured with better and long lasting capable battery i.e. up to 4000mAh. The RAM of the Marathon M5 Lite mobile is also featured 2GB and hence you could really experience some better standard performance with the mobile. Come, let us have a detailed information about the specifications of the Marathon M5 Lite mobile in the following lines. Gionee Marathon M5 Mini Smartphone Launched with 4000mAh Battery Highlights of the Marathon M5 Lite Smartphone: 5inch of HD Display 2GB RAM & 16GB internal storage 4000mAh battery 8MP Rear and 2MP Selfie Snapper Runs on Amigo UI 3.1 based Android L operating system MediaTek

MediaTek to Unveil 3 Ultra Affordable 4G LTE CPUs

Hope you all knew, MediaTek is one among the toughest competitor to the Qualcomm (the semiconductor giant), which is the leading chipset maker for Smartphones across the globe. The chipset are one among the crucial factors that determines the cost of the mobiles for sure. Right through the emergence of MediaTek in the industry, the cost of the Smartphones are certainly dropped to certain reasonable extent. You seriously don’t want to break any of your saving plans to experience the better Smartphones from any big players in the market for sure. It all happened with respect to the cheaper and efficient chipset makers, and thanks to MediaTek for making a few. Plenty of Perfectly Usable device under $100: MediaTek to Unveil 3 Ultra Affordable 4G LTE CPUs If you come over any of the online or offline market, there are plenty of Smartphones available at the rate of just $100, where it offers complete performance to the cost and definitely meet your anticipations towards the price. MediaTek

Sony Xperia M5 Available for Pre-Order Launching on Feb 8

Sony is now into the cruise of launching its long waited Xperia M5 device into the market. Some of the early rumors stated that, this mobile will comes by early Jan 2016, however, there is an official words stating that, “ Sony Xperia M5 will be launching by Feb 8, 2016 ”. Interestingly, few days back Sony announced that, the latest Xperia M5 Smartphone will be available in Europe, then confirmed Netherlands and Poland will be the specific countries to get the mobiles first. Later, today, Sony made a deliberate statement by adding UK to the list of countries where Sony Xperia M5 will be unveiled. Sony Xperia M5 Pre-Order Available: Sony Xperia M5 Available for Pre-Order Launching on Feb 8 Earlier, Sony stated that, the new Sony Xperia M5 mobile will be available for purchase right from Feb 8, 2016. Nevertheless, the Pre-Order status is made to this mobile by the Carphone Warehouse, however, the delivery is anticipated to be on 8 th Feb 2016 for sure. According to this retailer, there w

Reliance Jio Lyf Earth 1 Smartphone –Next 4G Mobile from Reliance

Most of us certainly waiting for the Pan India launch of Reliance 4G LTE services across India. This move will be accompanied by Reliance along with Jio Communications, which is now popularly termed as Reliance Jio indeed. One of the another major anticipation towards this project is that, Reliance is set to launch their 4G LTE services in parallel with the 4G LTE enabled Reliance Smartphones at affordable rates across the country. The first 4G Smartphone from the Reliance Jio is expected to be Reliance Jio Lyf Earth1 technically. Let us have a detailed overview about the upcoming Reliance Jio Lyf Earth1 Smartphone in the following article. Reliance Jio Lyf Earth 1 Smartphone –Next 4G Mobile from Reliance Highlights of Reliance Jio Lyf Earth1: Runs on Android Lollipop OS 5.5 inch Full HD Display 3500mAh Battery   3GB RAM 1.5GHz Octa Core Processor 13MP Rear Camera features Let us see the detailed information about the Reliance Jio Lyf Earth1 mobile here. The display is featured with

CoolPad Note 3 Lite – King of Under Rs.7K Smartphones

Coolpad is certainly launching some killer devices in the market and definitely the latest edition of CoolPad Note 3 Lite is one among them. It is considered to be the king of the Smartphones or Tablets under Rs.7000 in India. According to the official reports, this mobile is fixed with the price tag of about Rs.6999 on all its online retailers. This is also first Smartphone to have a 3GB RAM followed by Fingerprint sensor at the rate of just Rs.6999/- in India for sure. Before going through the pros and cons of the CoolPad Note 3 Lite, let us have a brief highlights of the same. CoolPad Note 3 Lite – King of Under Rs.7K Smartphones Highlights of CoolPad Note 3 Lite Smartphone: Runs on Android Lollipop version 5.2 OS 5inch Full HD display 2500mAh battery 3GB RAM 13MP Rear Camera 1.3GHz Quad Core CPU Pros of CoolPad Note 3 Lite: It offers Fingerprint sensor for the better security towards your personal stuff and even the mobile itself. The combination of the 3GB RAM with the Quad Core

100 Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in India – Google & RailTel

When it comes to the communication stuffs, India is still behind several developed countries for sure. India is experiencing the 4G LTE network just a couple of months back (currently available only on certain major cities), whilst the developed countries are trying for the 5G communications. Hence, there are several new features opened by the tech giants around the world for the development of Indian communications system. In such a way, Google is revealed to introduce free Wi-Fi hotspots in India at major railways stations. With that note, Google along with RailTel made their initial step to the introduction of Free Wi-Fi Railways Stations in India today. Indian Railways Railtel Free High Speed Internet: 100 Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in India – Google & RailTel Along with the Internet giant Google India, the Indian Railways RailTel made an official announcement that, it is set to launch the High Speed Free Wi-Fi Internet services on major railway stations on India. According to that, M

Asus ZenFone Zoom Vs LG G3 Smartphone 2016

Whenever a new Smartphone is launched by any maker, we certainly do comparison to the existing brands for sure. In such a way, today, we are here to have a discussion about the brand new Asus ZenFone Zoom mobile with comparison to the 1 year old LG G3 Smartphone. You might think, why to have a comparison to a one year old mobile to the latest release. We will give you the right answers in the following article. Let’s start to find the best among these two mobiles in the following lines. First of all, let us have an overview on the highlights of these mobiles in the following line. Asus ZenFone Zoom Vs LG G3 Smartphone 2016 Highlights of LG G3 Smartphone: Runs on Android Kitkat OS (Right out of the Box) 5.5 inch Quad HD Display 13MP Rear Camera 2.5GHz Quad Core processor 3000mAh battery Single SIM with 4G LTE Highlights of Asus ZenFone Zoom: Launched just a week back in India 13MP Rear Camera with various camera features Runs on Android Lollipop OS 2.3GHz Quad Core CPU 2GB RAM LG G3 Vs

LG G4 Stylus Smartphone Launched at Rs. 19000 in India

LG Smartphone maker certainly launched its 3G version of the brand new LG G4 Stylus device in India without any major announcement. According to the official reports, this LG G4 Stylus mobile is now available for purchase from the LG India’s official website and comes with the price tag of about Rs.19000/-. Interestingly, the 4G LTE version of the same device (LG G4 Stylus) has been launched in the country by late November 2015, which is now available for purchase from Flipkart online retailer at the cost of just Rs.18900/-. Though there isn’t any major difference between these two mobiles in terms of price segment, there are few distinctions in the hardware section. Let us have the detailed specifications of the latest 3G version of LG G4 Stylus Smartphone in India in the following lines. LG G4 Stylus Smartphone Launched at Rs. 19000 in India Highlights of LG G4 Stylus 3G Smartphone: 1.4GHz Octa Core Processor 8MP Rear Camera 5.7inch IPS HD Display 1GB RAM & 16GB Internal Space 5M

T-Mobile Confirms Marshmallow Update for LG V10

The T-Mobile started selling of LG V10 mobile last few month of October 2015. From the report it is officially announced that list of all devices which carry the android updating of version 6.0 Marshmallow. Since V10 smartphone is not in the list when it is launched, now it confirms that product which carry marshmallow update by T-Mobile. However the updating is under the process-as development with first stage. But other information is not announced by T-Mobile. So far the LG V10 Smartphone comes with Android 5.1.1(Lollipop) out of the box. After the completion of software development the updating roll out to the products with Android version of 6.0(Marshmallow).  It confirms the new software update will roll out as soon and it will reach customers with intimation. T-Mobile Confirms Marshmallow Update for LG V10 First Device in T-Mobile to Have Android 6.0: Luckily, the LG V10 Smartphone is the World’s first T Mobile to get the latest version Android 6.0 operating system update for su

Microsoft Lumia 650 Launching by February 2016

It is officially announced that Microsoft confirms Lumia 650 smartphone launching by early February. Based on the report from the Germany, the Microsoft Lumia 650 will available on stores in India before next month, since it is dated to announce by February 1.   As about the specifications it is improved with predecessor, O2 Germany the handset is powered by Windows 10 with latest version OS. So far the black color variant only available for the purchase. The price tag also given as €219 around the country, also exchange rates given by $238 Microsoft Lumia 650 Launching by February 2016 From the new report reviled just before few days that Microsoft Lumia 650 will be priced around at CZK 5,491(around $222 or €03) in the Czech Republic.  Highlights of Microsoft Lumia 650 Smartphone: This mobile comes with the optional Dual SIM stuff, where the dual Micro SIM slots offers dual standby indeed. The display features of the mobile reads about 5inch and it has HD resolution of about 1280*720p