ZTE Axon Max & Axon Elite Lux Pro Launched | Coming Soon to India

ZTE announced 3 different mobiles in the Axon series which denotes their hard work in the premium segment for sure. The hardware is really come up with better quality in its family. The list of three new Axon series mobiles are, Axon Elite, Axon Pro and Axon Lux indeed. Interestingly, all three devices has been featured with the same size of 5.5 inches, however there is an Axon Mini Smartphone which has 5.2 inch touch screen display technically.
ZTE Axon Max & Axon Elite Lux Pro Launched
ZTE Axon Max & Axon Elite Lux Pro Launched 
Axon Max Smartphone Details:

This is the first major device from Axon series and hence it has given the tag of Axon Max. It comes with the Full HD resolution touch screen with the 6.0 inch AMOLED display indeed. It has the better premium look and powered with the slick body. The body is made up of aluminum titanium allow, which is used at the aircraft make. The processor segment of this mobile is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU, which featured with the Octa Cores for the faster operations for sure.

The internal storage of the device is boast with 32GB, whilst the expandable storage allows you to upgrade the storage space up to 128GB. However, you can either use the second SIM slot as SIM or MicroSD for sure. The CPU is coupled to the 3GB RAM for the incredible operation of the mobile and multitasking performance as well.

In terms of the camera segment, the Axon Max Smartphone is powered by the 16MP primary camera with the excellent LED flash backup for the low light camera requirements. The Selfie lovers can really have excellent with this mobile as it comes with 13MP camera along with the autofocus feature.

The battery section of the Axon Max is supported by the large quantity stuff, i.e. 4140mAh battery, which is well supported by the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 feature. This feature allows you to charge the Smartphone up to 60% from 0% within 30 minutes. Some of the other interesting features applicable with this system are, USB Type C port, and 24bit ADC enabled superior audio output and rear mounted fingerprint scanner as well.

Axon Max Available in China:
ZTE Axon Max & Axon Elite Lux Pro Launched
ZTE Axon Max & Axon Elite Lux Pro Launched 
According to the official reports of the Axon Max, this pretty new Smartphone is already up for sale in China at the cost of CNY 2799/-, which is equated to $431. When it comes to the color section, this model has only Gold Edition stuff and the local market could ship the same sooner. However, there isn’t any word about the Axon Max Smartphone’s international availability.

Stay tuned for more real time updates about the Axon Max Smartphone activity in India. 

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