Samsung Tops Smartphone Vendors List in Q4 2015

There are ample of Smartphone makers established in the world and the competition among the same grows exponential indeed. Most of the mobile makers certainly targets narrow audience to enhance their sales. After the invasion of the Chinese mobile makers in the Smartphone world (from all parts of the world), the mobile price certainly started to decrease to a decent percentage indeed. Interestingly, Xiaomi – the leading Chinese based mobile maker posted excellent record on their sales department. On the geographical basis, most of the Smartphone makes were posted decent record on their specific targets. However, when it comes to the global segment, the story is completely different.

Only Few Global Competitors, But Rival:
Samsung Tops Smartphone Vendors List in Q4 2015
Samsung Tops Smartphone Vendors List in Q4 2015
As we discussed earlier, when it comes to the global Smartphone makers, there are very few organizations, including the Samsung & Apple Inc. The major competition among the global marketer’s lies between Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Microsoft, HTC and a few so.

According to the recently unveiled research by DigiTimes, Samsung (the South Korean) Smartphone maker certainly tops on the Smartphone vendors at the last quarter of 2015. It is followed by Apple, which is Samsung’s rival competitor globally. The market share by Samsung lies about 25.6%, whilst the Apple stands with 14.5%.

Global Market Shares by Samsung’s Competitor:

As the list of top Smartphone vendors for last quarter of 2015 extends to some extent, Huawei comprised of 7.4%, Lenovo covers 4.8% and LG goes with 4.5% globally. Xiaomi certainly earned a great response among the budget and midrange Smartphone lovers, which resulted them to gain 6th highest Smartphone vendor in Q4 of 2015. Xiaomi captured about 3.8% global market share. Some of the other brands like Microsoft and Sony achieved 12th and 11thpositions respectively with 1.7% and 2% of global mobile market share.

9 Chinese Mobiles in Top 15, Globally:

Interestingly, another report from the same survey gives that, 9 Smartphone makers from China stands among the Top 15 Smartphone vendors in 2015, including Xiaomi. The rest numbers is shared by two mobile makers from United States of America (US) & South Korea and each from Taiwan & Japan indeed.

1.326 Billion Smartphone Shipped in 2015:

Yes, the above numbers are absolute and shared by the combination of total Smartphone shipped within 2015. According to the report, there are over 331.9 million mobiles were shipped by the last quarter of 2014, which is absolutely higher than 7.7% of the last years chart and a Q-o-Q increase of 10.5%. The latest Q4 of 2015 earned over 396.8 million devices and totally 1.326 Billion mobiles were shipped during the 2015 calendar year. 

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