No More Smartphones with Mozilla Firefox OS

There are several operating systems are happing around the mobile sectors. Some of the best in class operating system across the smartphone world are Microsoft’s Windows, Google’s Android, BlackBerry’s BlackBerry OS, and Apple’s iOS. Nevertheless, there are several custom operating systems were also made available for several Chinese mobiles, like Cyanogen OS, ColorOS, 360 are some of the best. However, we can’t forget the Mozilla’s Firefox operating system.

Mozilla FireFox OS for Smartphones:
No More Smartphones with Mozilla Firefox OS
No More Smartphones with Mozilla Firefox OS
Hope you all knew Mozilla, one of the best internet browsers available for the computer & laptops. Mozilla has been in the experiment of building the better operating system for the Smartphones it is termed as “Firefox OS”. Unfortunately, the Mozilla FireFox OS will be coming to end. The company has officially declared that, it’s going to “stop offering the Firefox OS enabled Smartphones through carrier channels”.

Can’t Afford Best User Experience: Mozilla

The main reason behind the stop of Firefox OS is that, Mozilla realized that, it can’t offer the best in class User experience on the Smartphone level. Just to cut the losses Mozilla simply bailing from Smartphone development altogether indeed.

Most of the Mozilla powered Smartphones are released at the entry level segment, where none of them stated its glory in the market. Also, not one of the Firefox OS mobiles was shown great success towards the sales point of view. Additionally, the Firefox OS ran only the web apps at its best, with no native apps to speak like Android or Window or iOS.

Firefox OS: Genuine Open Source Project:

According to the Mozilla’s SVP of Connected Devices, Mr. Ari Kaakshi, “The operating system may yet live on, but only on other connected devices and Internet of Things networks. If so, it will be "a genuine open source project". Let us hope Mozilla offers better standard operation in the future. 

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