LeVT Smartphone Coming Soon in India on Jan’5 2016

As the Smartphone Industry in India is really booming than many other developing countries, most of the electronics makers are certainly aimed to launch their mobiles in India. LeTV is one among the consumer electronics maker from China, which is now aimed to unveil their latest Smartphone in India. This company is highly targeted the youth segment and already in the process of viral marketing across social media. The LeTV certainly refers themselves as “Super Products” in India, just early to 2016. Interestingly, their Facebook fan page crossed over a million likes, which is also a record within 60 days.
LeVT Smartphone Coming Soon in India on Jan’5 2016
LeVT Smartphone Coming Soon in India on Jan’5 2016
LeTV Conducts Meetups in India:

Just to add boost to their marketing plans, LeTV comes forward to organize various meetups for its fans across the country. This event is tagged as “LeMe” and the respective locations and dates are as follows.

Bengaluru – December 26
New Delhi – December 30
New Delhi – January 9
Hyderabad – to be announced

This certainly confirms that, the newbie Smartphone from the LeTV is anticipated to come within a couple of weeks from now.

Official Invites for Press Event on Jan 5:

According to the sources, the LeTV certainly offered their official invites for the press meet in the capital city of India i.e. New Delhi on Jan’05 2016. Most of the experts in the marketing discipline anticipates that, the LeTV’s new Smartphone could be launched at the event. This press invite certainly has the right venue, date, and time aspects, which again gives you some conclusive report about the event.

LeTV Le 1S to be Launched in India:

LeTV launched their Le 1s Smartphone in China a couple of months ago, which is really yielding better response among the users. According to the reports, the same mobile is anticipated to be launched in India on this press conference on Jan 05, 2016.
LeVT Smartphone Coming Soon in India on Jan’5 2016
LeVT Smartphone Coming Soon in India on Jan’5 2016
Highlights of LeTV Le 1S Smartphone:

5.5 inch Full HD IPS display
Fingerprint scanner
MediaTek Helio HX10 SoC CPU

There aren’t any confirmed specs about the LeTV Le 1S Indian version mobile, however, the above said stuff won’t change for sure. The fingerprint scanner is claimed to give you better response at just 0.09s, where the accuracy will be 99%. One of the latest & faster processor is equipped with this Smartphone i.e. MediaTek Helio X10 SoC. The display is sported with Full HD resolution along with the IPS technology for the crystal visualization.

LeTV is one among the Original Equipment Manufacturer on Television and now in to the process of designing and marketing their brand new Smartphone. Let’s welcome them in India.

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