Apple Watch 2 & iPhone 6c Coming Soon March 2016

Apple launched their Apple Watch (Smartwatch) a couple of months ago and the same certainly gives them a big boost in the industry. Right after the Apple iPhone 5, the maker is keen in launching their mini or trimmed versions of the respective devices. In such a way, the 2nd generation Apple Watch 2 is anticipated to reach the customers by the first quarter of 2016. Apart from that, the iPhone 6Cis also anticipated to come to the market. This anticipation is especially because, Apple isn’t released any of their successor device right from the iPhone 5c indeed.
Apple Watch 2 & iPhone 6c Coming Soon March 2016
Apple Watch 2 & iPhone 6c Coming Soon March 2016
iPhone 6C Coming by March 2016:

The hype towards the 2nd generation Apple Watch is getting higher day by day. This is because, their first generation device given them greater hope globally. Also, the 4inch bearing iPhone 6C is also expected to come by March 2016. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 is anticipated to schedule by March 2016 and hence there is a strong confidence towards the release of the next iPhone 6C at the event. This news is officially given by 9to5mac website. According to that, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to go sale by April 2016.

Apple launched their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices by September 2015, along with the iPad Mini 4 & iPad Pro devices. There were few accessories released along with the major devices, however, they skipped the higher versions of the iPhone 5c (which was launched by 2014).

There isn’t any doubt that, the iPhone 5C is the very first device from the maker to have the colorful body followed by plastic material indeed. Though this mobile made the headlines for a couple of months, the same isn’t quite impressive as their ancestors. This is considered to be the major reason why the maker subsequently discontinued their successor for the iPhone 5c in to the market. Most of the tech experts stated that, “Apple won’t bring their similar model devices” at the time of launching the iPhone 6s.

Whatever happens, the Apple lovers of India are still enjoying the iPhone 5c device. Interestingly, their cheapest Apple Watch of India is also available from November 2015 at the cost of just Rs. 30,900/-.

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