ZUK Z2 Smartphone Coming Soon by 2016

Before we going deep into the article, first let me give you a brief introduction about the ZUK. ZUK is nothing but the Smartphone maker, which is backed by the Lenovo (one among the world’s leading mobile & other consumer electronics maker). The rumors about the ZUK mobile have been started right after the company is acquired by the Lenovo. Today, ZUK is said to be released its 2nd version of the ZUK mobile in to the market at the early 2016. However, the details about the mobile isn’t made clear as of now. Perhaps, we have few interesting facts about the ZUK Z2 mobile here.

Details about ZUK Z2 Smartphone:
ZUK Z2 Smartphone Coming Soon by 2016
ZUK Z2 Smartphone Coming Soon by 2016
One of the great details about the mobile is its processor segment. The ZUK Z2 mobile is said to be powered by the World’s leading & most powerful mobile processor up to date from Qualcomm. You might have captured the actual model; yes it is none other than Qualcomm Snapdragon 820chipset. This is the most powerful processor from the maker up to date, as it comes with the effective processing speed followed by accuracy at its best.

The renders of the ZUK Z2 mobile is again leaked in online, which certainly depicts the actual glory of the mobile. Let us go through the actual features available up to date with the ZUK Z2 Smartphone in the following lines.

The mobile offers the full rotating structure, which certainly gives the original idea about the mobile, i.e. it could have only one camera. There will be a single camera; however you can either use it as rear camera or the Selfie stuff according to your requirements.

Interestingly, this concept gives you the option taking very high quality photos from both the ends with the same structure pixels and resolution. Unfortunately, there aren’t many highlighting specs made exist with the render images.

When compared to the ancestor of ZUK Z2, i.e. the ZUK Z1 has been powered with 64GB internal storage and hence the newbie smartphone could either powered with at least the same memory (internally) or even thigh could be increased for no surprise.

It is very obvious that, the ZUK Z2 Smartphone could have the metal frame with 2.5D glass both on its front and on its rear section. You please take this information with the pinch of salt as it yet to be confirmed officially. Also, stay with us to get the real time updates about the latest Smartphones around the world.

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