WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch Rs.6990 with Heart Monitor

Smartwatches are making some trends in the developing countries like India. There are many mobile makers recently launched their affordable priced Smartwatches including Xolo & Mi. Today, WickedLeak also announced their new & latest Smartwatch, i.e. the WickedLeak Alpha. Remember, the talks about bring the new Smartwatch from WickedLeak has been emerged few months ago and now the same has been confirmed officially. According to the manufacturer, this Smartwatch will come with the price tag of just Rs.6990/- and you can buy from the official website of the WickedLeak online store.

Features of WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch:
WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch Rs.6990 with Heart Monitor
WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch Rs.6990 with Heart Monitor
This is a customizable leather straps made Smartwatch and has the 1.54inch of curved 3D touch display. In terms of colors, the Smartwatch is offered with Gold/White and Black/Silver version devices. The processor segment of this Smartwatch has been enabled with MediaTek MT2502 processor. Also, the same is capable of receiving & sending commands to your Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

One of the most interesting features made available with this Smartwatch is that, its weight. Yes, the new WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch comes with just 48grams. This Smartwatch allows you to take the control of your Smartphone’s camera at its best. You can certainly shoot images and videos through various angles with the help of this Smartwatch.

According to the maker, the WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch is powered with 280mAh battery, which will give you two days of backup at its best.

Alpha Smartwatch: Supports Android & iOS:

One of the most interesting factors associated with this WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch is that, it is friendly with both the Android & iOS operating system enabled devices. Also, it is very easy to sync and gives you the effective notification regards various mobile communications.

Another high quality feature enabled with this WickedLeak Alpha Smartwatch is that, it comes with the heart rate monitor, which is very effective for the health conscious peoples. With the help of the Pedometer with the Smartwatch, you can simply count the number of steps you walked for burning extra calories.

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