Videocon Offers Double Data Benefit to its Customers

Most of you could get your eyebrow raised up as of just seeing the title. This shock is especially because, Videocon isn’t considered as the major telecom service provider in India. Though their services are very limited in terms of telecom circles, their offers don’t seems so. Today, Videocon emerged to offer “Double Data Benefits” to its customers. This is applicable only at the night, i.e. from the midnight to the early morning of 7am.

Double Data Benefits Offers in Nights:
Videocon Offers Double Data Benefit to its Customers
Videocon Offers Double Data Benefit to its Customers
This Double Data offer from Videocon is applicable on their entire standard data packs by default and hence you don’t need to make any special moves to activate the same. Interestingly, this double data benefit is applicable only in night, i.e. from 12am to 7am. This service offer starts from the basic Rs.13 data plan to Rs.251 data plan. This gives the user to get the benefit from 120MB data to 3GB data according to the plans.

Airtel Offers Double Data in 4G Service:

Airtel is one of the prime telecom service providers in India, where it is also leading private telecom service provider to give 3G service in India. According to the official statement by Airtel, users will get the 50% cashback offer for the data consumed between 12am to 6am indeed. Interestingly, Airtel is also providing the Double Data offer on its 4G for 2 months. Vodafone is also in the track of offering the Double Data to its users in the upcoming days.

Videocon Targets Youth Segment:

According to Videocon, almost 65% of its users are youth segment and hence the data plans will definitely impress the current generation youth, as they are in demand of the same for various needs. Also, they released a statistics that, almost 1/5thof the data plans are consumed between midnight to 7am; hence they are into the process of offering the double data at this specific time. Another statistics suggest that, approx 17% of data users consume more than 50% of their data during night hours. Users prefer these times mostly for the downloading their tasks, as the network utilization is much lower than peak hours.

In a press release, Director & Chief Execution Officer Arvind Bali stated that, “Data is the growth engine for telecom industry, and its imperative that there is enough and more traction on data offerings for customer engagement. Our double data offer is an initiative in the same direction. We are confident that this industry first initiative will help us accelerate our data growth.”

Also he added that, "Last year we grew our data business by 126 per cent, which is almost double the pace of the industry data growth at 74 per cent.This initiative along with other micromarketing initiatives on data will for sure help us surpass our growth of last year".

As a user, I hope you will definitely enjoy the double data offer at its best!!

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