Under 5K Smartphones are coming up from Cyanogen

Cyanogen is one among the custom ROM based on Android operating system. The Cyanogen mod operating system are really featured with better features than several stock Android mobiles and it is also available on several leading mobile makers including Micromax (Yu) and OnePlus. Though Cyanogen is highly concentrated only on the operating system makings, they are now into the interest of making new mobiles i.e. the hardware indeed. According to the official announcement from the Cyanogen, they are into the process of making new device with the price range below $75.
Under 5K Smartphones are coming up from Cyanogen
Under 5K Smartphones are coming up from Cyanogen
Cyanogen Mobile with Rs.5000/-:

Cyanogen is officially having several contracts with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) across the world. This move will definitely help them in building their brand new mobile accordingly. Some of the close source to the maker claimed that, Cyanogen is in the process of making Smartphones which are by default comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, i.e. Cyanogen 13 indeed.

Cyanogen Working on Flagship Device: Steve Kondik

Steve Kondik is the Cyanogen’s co-founder followed by the chief technology officer and he reveled an official statement about the company’s great move towards the hardware (new mobile) releases. While speaking about the matter at the Big Android BBQ Europe, he stated that “Cyanogen is working on a flagship device too”.

Cyanogen Tie-up with Micromax:

This is not a surprise to many mobile users as Cyanogen is already has several contract with the Micromax for selling the Smartphones with CyanogenMod OS. Recently, Micromax subsidy mobile maker Yu released their Yunique mobile which is priced around Rs.4999/- that runs on the Cyanogen 12.1 operating system. You can check out the official website for the complete details like, price, specs, reviews of the Yu Yuniuqe Smartphone.

OnePlus Stopped Selling Cyanogen OS:

As per the deal made by Micromax and Cyanogen, OnePlus is forced to stop selling its Cyanogen OS enabled devices in India. Although, Cyanogen comes up with most affordable mobile in the world with several attractive features, it can’t make it sales in India, which is highly mentioned in the Micromax-Cyanogen deal. So, don’t expect any cheap mobiles from the Cyanogen in India, perhaps the rest of the world could enjoy the same.

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