Nokia C1 Running Android or Windows – Render Images

You will not get surprised to see the latest Nokia mobiles at the mobile outlets right from the early 2016. This is because, there are certain official confirmations were already made by the CEO of Finnish company a few months ago. Most of us definitely waiting to witness the first Nokia mobile right after the company sold its mobile making business to Microsoft a couple of years ago. Though there isn’t any official confirmation about the upcoming mobile, it is widely rumored as Nokia C1 indeed. There is several mystery stuffs are being made about the mobile in the recent past months and let us give you the latest details about the same.

Alleged Renders of Nokia C1:
Nokia C1 Running Android or Windows – Render Images
Nokia C1 Running Android or Windows – Render Images
The renders of the Nokia C1 Smartphone is already started to leak right from September 2016. This lead to several confusions as there are numerous number of renders showcased followed by a photo session (each with different style).

Today, we have been gifted with new design of Nokia C1 Smartphone, which is shown in the above picture. There is no doubt, the new render image is the 4th time of claiming Nokia C1 and hence it is strongly suggesting that, the new mobile from Nokia could definitely bear this name.

Nokia C1 Today’s Render Image Source: First-Time Tipster:

This above picture of Nokia C1 render image is leaked via the First-Time Tipster and that shows the debating feature of the mobile. At the front side of the image, the mobile is stated with the Android Logo, whilst the rear end is featured with the Windows 10 operating system. As there isn’t any official confirmation made either the maker or the operating system service provider, it is very debatable now.

Some expertise says that, the new Nokia C1 mobile could be featured with both version i.e. one with the traditional Windows OS, and the next goes with Android operating system. Hope you know, this isn’t the first Nokia device to be featured with the Android OS, as the Android enabled Nokia mobile were sold some remarkable units in China (almost a year ago).

It is very alleged that, tipster provided there will be two distinctive mobile with distinctive operating system, Nokia doesn’t made any official words towards the same. As Microsoft won’t make Nokia to re-enter as a mobile maker in the coming days (according to the law deal), which company is going to release the Nokia C1 mobile is also unclear.

Let us see the mobile updates with certain official confirmations in the future.

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