LG’s New G4 Variant Coming Soon through FCC

FCC is the prime organization in providing license to the new mobiles from the makers to sale their devices officially in US. Any new mobiles irrespective of the maker will definitely touch this department to come live in the market. In such a way, there are new documents from the LG for new mobile with the codename of “H815PX” for the US locations. However, the same mobile is also coded with “H815P” for the African geography. It is very unclear that, why LG made these code names, as the code AT&T and T-mobile uses “H810” and “H811” respectively. Interestingly, the Sprint & Verizon mobiles doesn’t even start with these codes like, “H”, perhaps they goes with “LS” and “VS” indeed.

No Wireless Charger with LG G4:
LG’s New G4 Variant Coming Soon through FCC
LG’s New G4 Variant Coming Soon through FCC
Though LG G4 mobile has released few months ago and even acclaimed for the better performance and features, it doesn’t come with the Wireless Charging right out of the box. However, there was an optional charging cover to utilize the wireless charging technique. According to the new documents submitted with the FCC, the Wireless Charging is considered as the major feature of the mobile. This gives us a wide open question of; this could be the new variant of “LG G4” indeed.

Expect New LG G4 in Holiday Season:

Though there is no official news about the mobiles launching or any special events as well. However, the festive season is up and you can certainly get any special surprises from the maker indeed. Some of the techies suggest that it could be the LG G5, but there are no promising features from the FCC about the upcoming mobile except the Wireless charging indeed. Ultimately, this is just a refresh of LG G4 right.

So Close Specs to LG G4:

While going through the documents submitted with the FCC, most of the specs and features are very close to the original LG G4, which was released on last April 2015. Who knows, this could even be a LG’s latest LG V10 mobile variant.

As nothing is clear, we definitely have to wait for any official indications or the invites for the carriers to start the sale. 

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