LG G5 Metal & Unibody Construction Rumor


LG the legendary Smartphone maker of the world has now trapped into the rumor area of its next generation mobile. It is not the first time that the South Korean mobile maker is into the rumor area; perhaps the latest rumor is widely anticipated from the mobile lovers. Hope you had a pretty fine experience with the recently launched LG G4 Smartphone (irrespective of its versions or the storage). This mobile really received certain better response than its competitors, especially with its camera segment. The 16MP camera associated with the LG G4 mobile is really comparable to certain mid range DSLR cameras as it has several comparable sensors to make the user to achieve their better photography at its best.
LG G5 Metal & Unibody Construction Rumor
LG G5 Metal & Unibody Construction Rumor
LG G5 Metal & Unibody Rumor:

According to certain unofficial leaks, i.e. the rumor from the home country, i.e. South Korea that the new LG G5 could be made up of full metal body along with the Unibody construction indeed. There is an expectation over the same, as LG already implemented the better plastic materials on all its 4 flagship devices. If this comes true, the LG G5 will be the first mobile from the maker to have the Metal & Unibody design without any doubt.

Apple & Samsung Implemented Metals:

Hope you know, LG’s real time & global competitors like Apple & Samsung had already implemented the metal & Unibody designs on their flagship mobiles in the past years. At least from their competitor’s success, LG could have targeted the Metal & Unibody construction for their upcoming flagship devices.

LG G5 Released by Next Year:

According to the claim by the rumor in South Korea, the LG G5 Smartphone could hit the streets by 1st quarter of next year without fail. Interestingly, with the same period, another comparative & competitive mobile is anticipated from the Samsung none other than their flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 indeed.

The official announcement of the LG G5 Metal & Unibody Smartphone is expected to happen within few weeks from now. We will get the reliable information about the mobile from the maker itself.

Also, Of course, don't forget to take these news with a hefty dose of salt, since for now it's just one of the unconfirmed report from the maker. However, it would make sense for LG to switch to what everyone keeps calling a 'premium' material for smartphones, especially since its competitors (Apple & Samsung) have already done that. Stay tuned for more reliable information. . . 

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