Chinese Smartphone with 9000mAh Battery | MACOOX EX1

Smartphones turned one of the most wanted stuff in our day to day life. We try to implement the usages of the same in all walks of our life, perhaps we have achieved at least 60% of the implementation and the graph will grow skyline in the future. As the demand grows, naturally the supply will get hike in no doubt. One of the crucial factors which determine the longevity of any electronic device is its power backup. We use to surf on the Smartphone, while the next tab possessed with some download, whilst the background apps does some of your work to assist you in any manner. 

We love the Smartphone's especially for its multitasking abilities (you know what, I am giving you this while having struck in traffic) and that's the power of current generation mobiles. Who knows, the future generation could come live as you visualized with the movie *terminator*, where the 'Genesis' plays crucial role in deciding the humans life.
Chinese Smartphone with 9000mAh Battery | MACOOX EX1
Chinese Smartphone with 9000mAh Battery | MACOOX EX1
Let's dive into our topic, in the following lines.

Experience Low Low Battery Alerts: MACOOX

Before grinding your teeth, let me give you a small intro of the MACOOX. They are nothing but a Smartphone maker headquartered in China. Don't look bluff as I typed “Made In China” product, but the product as the value to our needs.

Today, MACOOX come up with a brand new Smartphone, which is termed as "EX1". This is the latest Smartphone from the maker, which has equipped with the giant 9000mAh Battery. This is really a amusing news for the gamers, videobies, and even the muktutaskers, where the power/battery is their main enemy. This mobile will definitely give the grand competition to the marathon mobiles exists in the market as it consists of better battery with best in class features, all that you need to enjoy in real time.

Highlights of EX1 Smartphone:
  • Runs on Android Operating system
  • 4.5 inches display
  • 1GB RAM & 8GB Internal memory
  • 8MP Primary & 2MP Selfie Shooter
  • 9000mAh Whopping Battery

Description of EX1 Smartphone:

Though the specs table certainly isn't much impressive, this could definitely considered as a better companion for cutting down carrying a separate power banks on your Bon Voyage.

Some of the real time usages you can enjoy with this Smartphone is its long lasting battery. Nevertheless it's features assist you better needs with the Android operating system. The visualization made better with the 4.5 inch touch screen (not sure about the screen resolution).

In the camera segment, this EX1 offers better pixels from both the ends. That is you can click the 8MP quality photographs through rear sensor, whilst the front snapper helps you clicking better Selfie with 2MP camera. In fact, the processor section is handled by the better CPU which is coupled with the 1GB RAM for the real time needs.

One of the negative aspect with this mobile is its handling in one hand annoys sometimes, as the mobile built with 14 mm thickness case. However, at the point of longevity everything dies unquestionably.!!!

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