BlackBerry’s 2nd Android Smartphone Termed as “Vienna”

BlackBerry is the sole creature of the BlackBerry mobiles in the world and they are now released the 10.3.1 OS which is the major move to earn more customers towards their operating system. The major feature added with this operating system is that, it supports the major Android Applications also you can directly download and install from the Play Store indeed. However, BlackBerry is in another idea of launching the special mobiles which are exclusively runs on the Android Operating System. Hope you have certain experience with their first ever mobile with the Android OS (PRIV) and now, BlackBerry is into the process of launching the 2nd version of the Android mobile from their brand.

Vienna 2ndAndroid Smartphone from BlackBerry:
BlackBerry’s 2nd Android Smartphone Termed as “Vienna”
BlackBerry’s 2nd Android Smartphone Termed as “Vienna”
The news about the BlackBerry Vienna has just aired in internet and leaks made viral through several social moves. This is certainly the 2nd device from the industry for the Android version mobiles. One of the major technology focused website CrackBerry also released a images of the BlackBerry Vienna Smartphone on their website.

According to the unofficial images of the BlackBerry Vienna, it comes with the iconic QWERTY keypad and not any slider keypad (as you get with BlackBerry Priv) indeed. However, the website also intimated that, the image of the BlackBerry Vienna is just the renders and the final images might vary.

BlackBerry Android Devices Availability in Limited Geos:

Though BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Priv mobile with the Android Operating System, the availability of the mobile is made very limited. Yes, the peoples of only from US, UK, Canada and Germany are gifted with the purchase of that mobile. This move as got certain mixed reviews from the customers across the globe and however, the same isn’t expected with the BlackBerry Vienna Smartphone. Irrespective of the reviews, the software bugs and the camera quality (high) are the highlights of the BlackBerry Priv mobile.

Highlights of the BlackBerry Priv Smartphone:

As the BlackBerry doesn’t given any official words about the BlackBerry Vienna mobile, we are having the complete list of features offered with the BlackBerry Priv Smartphone.

This mobile is enabled with the 5.4 inch Quad HD display with the AMOLED touch screen along with the curved edges (like Samsung edge mobile). It boots with the Android Lollipop version 5.1.1 right out of the box. The slider keypad/QWERTY is an additional gift to the mobile. The processing department is featured with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 (hexa core CPU) and coupled to the 3GB RAM for the multitasking tasks.

The internal storage of the mobile is featured with 32GB and you can expand the same up to 200GB. While coming to the camera feature of the mobile, it enabled with the 18MP camera at the rear end, whilst the front sensor is featured with the 2MP camera.

According to this specs, BlackBerry Vienna is expected to arrive with certain enhanced feature compared to its ancestor. Let us wait and watch!!!

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