New Smartphone Factory in Thailand Opens Sony

Sony is one among the legendary mobile maker in the world, which has involved in manufacturing plenty of world favorite consumer electronic devices categorically. Sony has announced today of opening a new Smartphone factory in Pathum Thani province of Thailand. Though, it is not their first manufacturing unit from the country, as there exist one of the largest mobile production site by the maker itself. Perhaps, Thailand suffered a massive flood back in 2011 and this mobile manufacturing site by Sony has got certain major impact and hence the site has been closed then.

Several Billion Yen Investment by Sony in Thailand:
New Smartphone Factory in Thailand Opens Sony
New Smartphone Factory in Thailand Opens Sony
It is officially stated that, the initial investment by the Sony leads up to several billions to have the opportunity of developing new site in Thailand for the production of mobiles during the fiscal 2016 arena. It is also stated that, this plant is capable of making several million Smartphones/year.

No New Plants by Sony Since 1995 – Reports:

According to one of the statistical report, Sony hasn’t made any new plants outside Japan since 1995. Beijing, China is the last area where Sony invested about the process of mobile manufacturing needs. It was exactly 20 years ago, where it is practically made possible with the help of three local partners in China. From that time to now, Sony has participated in the plants by investing 51% of its shares. This could be the Sony’s first fully owned manufacturing unit outside Japan since 1995. Let us hope, Sony brings more agile business through this plant in the future.

Sony Press Release on Thailand Plant:

According to the statement offered by the CEO, Sony, i.e. Kazua Hirai hinted that, the mobile division of the Sony started to show certain fruitful results in the market. Though there were certain alternative plans handled in the past, those provided the expected result naturally. “Building a brand new factory to handle just mobile devices is an optimistic sign, which should breathe a sigh of relief to fans and investors alike”, he added.

$1.82 Billion Loss in March 2015:

This is really a better improvement made by Sony; especially because, Sony posted at least around $1.82 billion loss during march 2015. It has been achieved by the maker through certain streamlined marketing tricks, payroll cuts and even reforms indeed. Sony is aimed to make the company to get back to the track completely towards the profitable direction before March 2017. 

All the best Sony!!!

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