Android Lollipop Reached over 20% of Android Smartphones

Android mobiles are definitely the most lovable operating system in terms of gaming and apps services, though Apple certainly provides an equal number of unique features, most of them were costly as their iPhones. However, the Android operating system provides cheaper and mostly free version of every game and hence people loves this operating system than many other competitors. Android releases its new iterations in regular intervals. According to the latest information, Android released its Android M 6.0 Marshmallow OS just a couple of days back. But, there is another good news spreading across the internet, that is purely about the Android Lollipop OS.

Android Lollipop OS  Crossed 20% of Android Mobiles:
Android Lollipop Reached over 20% of Android Smartphones
Android Lollipop Reached over 20% of Android Smartphones
Android released its Lollipop version operating system, none other than the 5thversion of its Android. However, only few group of mobiles were capable of upgrade and hence this operating system certainly doesn’t get its reach to the existing mobiles. According to the latest reports we have, the Android Lollipop 5.0 has been reached over 20% of the existing Android devices at its best.

Later part of the September certainly received many number of upgrades to the Android Lollipop OS from the existing versions. The number of upgraded devices was claimed up to over 23.5% by Google.

Kitkat Dropped 40% from the Last Month:

There is nothing to get the surprise from dropped ranking of this outdated Android OS, i.e. Android Kiktat version 4.4 (but really trendy). The Kitkat operating system certainly drops 39.2% of the last month traffic considering 38.9% on its previous months. Ice Cream Sandwich falls to 3.4% from 3.7%, and Gingerbread goes to 3.8% from 4.1%.

Android M 6.0 making record:

Google already announced its Android 6.0 version Android M Marshmallow operating 
system and most of the Smartphone maker already started listing their eligible mobiles for the Android 6.0 updates. There are no doubts that, Google will release its Android 6.0 to the Nexus version device without fail. In that regards, Nexus 6 along with the two new nexus from Huawei & Moto would be the latest mobiles to get the Android M for the first time.

“The images are up on Google's specialized developer website, which is where you can also find instructions for flashing them. Keep in mind however that going this route will delete all data you've had on your phone or tablet, so make sure you back things up first.”

Android One Devices are Heating Up:

According to the Google Android One program, there are two years of promised free upgrades to the software, irrespective of the number of versions released accordingly. Hence, the number of Android M 6.0 downloads are expected to make a record at a shorter interval.

We will give you the list of updates about the availability of Android m 6.0 updates to your Smartphone in real time. Stay updated!!!

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