Airtel Wi-Fi Hangout App for Android & iOS Launched

Hangout is a common thing for any young Smartphone user, whose messages can be conveyed to the right person in real time manner. There are several kinds of hangout stuffs are happening across. You can have a video chat or the instant messages or even only through sending your video with text right below!! As all these stuffs are happening in real time, Airtel now managed to offer another valuable support to their fans, by introducing the “Airtel Wi-Fi Hangout App”. You can certainly download this Airtel Wi-Fi Hangout App either through Android or iOS platforms, for completely free of cost indeed.

Start Conversation through Your Mobile Number:
Airtel Wi-Fi Hangout App for Android & iOS Launched
Interestingly, you have to activate the downloaded app by validating registered Airtel mobile number. By confirming the mobile number, the conversation could be initiated successfully. Interestingly, this concept is similar to what we experience in the real time, through WhatsApp. The real distinctions made here is that, only Airtel numbers could have a hangout, whilst the WhatsApp case is open to all mobile numbers. Once you have completed all these initial verification procedures, you can automatically get connected to any of the available Airtel Wi-Fi Zones at your area.

If you haven’t set the setting to connect automatically with any of the available Airtel Wi-Fi zones, there is no doubt; you will get the real time notification about the availability of the network. It’s all depends upon how you manage your Airtel Wi-Fi Hangout App settings indeed.

At a press release after the official launching of the Airtel Hangout Wi-Fi app, Ajai Puri, Director of Bharti Airtel – marketing operations said that, “With the Airtel Hangout app, we aim to enable more and more users to experience superior and superfast mobile internet speeds by seamlessly latching on to our WiFi zone and enjoy many more internet capabilities on their mobile device on the move.”

Free 25MB Service on Any Airtel WiFi Zone:

Hope you know Airtel creates several Wi-Fi zones across India, especially the shopping malls, theaters, public places like railway station, and even Airport indeed. As a promotional offer you will be getting Free 25MB usage on every new Airtel WiFi Zone you access per day. This offer is limited to a device and per day, i.e. one device one day 25MB free, post usages are applicable for charges.

Initial Launches Made in New Delhi:

As we discussed earlier that, all these free or paid facilities are applicable only to the Airtel customers, via the Airtel Hangout App, currently the Airtel’s Wi-Fi zones are made available in Delhi and NCR circle alone. Some of the places where you can make the most of new Free Wi-Fi facilities from Airtel are as follows.
  • Khalsa College,
  • Gangaram Hospital,
  • DLF Star Mall,
  • DLF Grand Mall,
  • Supreme Court,
  • Delhi High Court and
  • Khan Market

There are certain propose where made available to launch this facilities in, MG Road, Sadar Bazaar, Sector 29, Sirhaul Village and Leisure Valley Park from the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG). Stay tuned for further real time information.

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