Vodafone Free Wi-Fi Zone with 100MB Internet

India is developing a lot in the internet & mobile communication sector. There are plenty of new projects are being handled by both the Government of India & some private sectors. Most of the internet users certainly get frustrated without the internet facility at the railways stations. The mobile networks certainly get congested and hence you can’t get the reliable internet facility at your desire on those areas. Just in order to make the passengers feel happy journey, Vodafone partner up with the Indian Railways to provide Free Wi-Fi services across many railway junctions in India. With this initiative, Vodafone offers free Wi-Fi services to Ahmadabad Railway Station in Kanpur.

Vodafone Press Release on Free Wi-Fi Internet:
Vodafone Free Wi-Fi Zone with 100MB Internet
Vodafone Free Wi-Fi Zone with 100MB Internet
According to the official press release statement made by Vodafone India, it is stated that, "Vodafone's free Wi-Fi zone is network agnostic and any mobile phone user can avail of this benefit, regardless of which telecom service provider they are aligned with. Vodafone's free WiFi zone facilitates 100 MB or 20 minutes of uninterrupted usage, whichever lapses first”.

The operator further explained that, “A mobile phone user can connect once in 24 hours from one unique number. Vodafone is one of the first telecom service providers in India to activate this innovative initiative linking branding and mass customer engagement, at a popular public outpost”.

While talking about this innovative move, business head, Voadfone India – Gujarat, Jayesh Gadia stated that, “I am happy to announce the free Wi-Fi zone in India”. Also he added that, “Whether you are passing by or waiting; now platform No 1 at Ahmedabad Railway Station, Kalupur, is going to be the cool spot to hang out and stay connected round the clock, thanks to Vodafone.”

Free Wi-Fi Railway Stations Across India:

Hope you know, the free Wi-Fi services are not new to the Indian railways, as they are already partnered up with the Google (Google Fiber) project to provide this service. According to the official statement from the Google Fiber project India, there are over 400 railways stations will get the free Wi-Fi facility in India. Interestingly, the Google Fiber is one among the fast internet service provider in India.

The Google Fiber project is codenamed as “Project Nilgiri” and it has two phases of connectivity services in the mentioned 400 railway stations. This project is expected to go live in the next 4 months.

Interestingly, Vodafone offers 20 minutes of free internet services or up to 100MB data, whichever falls first. However, with the Google Fiber project, the passengers are allowed to take the 30 minutes of free data services. Google never makes the users get frustrated with the time limit, where the data speed gets suppressed nicely.

Free Wi-Fi on Rajdhani Express:

According to the statistics, these kinds of Free Wi-Fi Zones are made available at the Rajdhani Express through satellite connectivity at the first phase of the project. 

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