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True World’s Fastest Android Device in 2015 - S6 Edge Plus

Though each & every day, at least 3 mobiles are get released on average across the globe, certainly not all of them receives the same attention among the public. But sometimes the world attentions are certainly towards any of the specific mobile; it is especially due to its hype. Whenever the flagship mobiles, irrespective of the maker are getting released, it naturally receives much attention than any of their real time competitor. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Apple iPhone 6S Plus are the two real time examples, where billions of hits moved to their official websites in the given period.

The hype towards the Galaxy S6 Edge plus mobile is getting improved day by day, and the glory is especially due to its claim that, it is the fastest Android device in the market up to date. Though most of the common people believed that, it could be the best & fastest Android Device in the market up to date, there is certain test made with the mobile to confirm the same at its best.

Interestingly, the actual claim was made by the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus device, but the test was made with the six month old Galaxy S6 Edge Plus device for sure. Let us see the obtained result in the following lines.

The actual test results were compared with the recently launched 6 flagship device, such as Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+, HTC One M9, OnePlus Two, Xperia Z3+, and LG G4 devices. The AnTuTu benchmark reports were taken to confirm the official results of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is claimed to be the world fastest Android device technically. Interestingly, the results were also cross checked with the Vellamo and Geekbench 3 bench mark scores. The results of the three bench mark reports were compared and get a weight of 100.
True World’s Fastest Android Device in 2015 - S6 Edge Plus
True World’s Fastest Android Device in 2015 - S6 Edge Plus
The result proved that, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus device stands the winner among the mobiles we took for the comparison. Though there is no surprise with the winner, perhaps the real surprise comes, when thinking about, how the 6 month old device outperformed other real time and latest Smartphone of its time.

The main reason behind the winner is that, it has additional GB RAM for the multitasking requirements. Definitely the possession of 1/3rd of the additional RAM makes the system to run at its faster compared to its competitors. But at some areas of the comparison, the S6 is the winner like faster operating system followed by gaming areas.

If you are thinking to own a Samsung Galaxy S6 device, please don’t hesitate to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is the real winner & best and fastest Android Smartphone in the world up to date, even after the release of 6 months!

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