Seagate Crams 2TB Storage Drive as Slim as iPhone 6

Seagate is one among the top external harddisk drives manufacturing company in the world. Their technology implementation along with the finest finishing technique makes them as one among the leading maker of the hard disks. There are several disk drives are available over 2TB in the world, but they are not similar to the technology and comfort ability with the upcoming product from the Seagate maker. Can you imagine a 2TB hard disk at the size of just 2.5 inch, i.e. 7mm thickness, which is very similar to the iPhone 6 Smartphone size? It’s really incredible right! In fact, this could be the first slimmer 2TB hard disk made available categorically.

In fact, the same manufacturer itself comes up with the 2.5inch hard disk, but the thickness of the drive has been provided with 9mm, perhaps the lower capacity as well.
Seagate Crams 2TB Storage Drive as Slim as iPhone 6
Seagate Crams 2TB Storage Drive as Slim as iPhone 6
According to the press release statement by the Seagate maker, it is said that, “Combining new mechanical firmware architectures, with state of the art heads, media and electronic design, this technology is a real game changer — providing [over] four times more capacity than a 0.25TB SSD at a substantially lower cost,”

Larger storage devices are really coming more affordable than the regular smaller capacities indeed. The Seagate latest 2TB harddrive is made through better solid state devices, which provides better performance comparatively.

Seagate certainly stated that, it will address the future requirements of the smaller sized drives with better capacities & performance technically. Sometimes, the frequency of the solid state drives were really less compared to the smaller capacities, which is not the case with the Seagate’s 2TB hard disk, which access the files as faster as possible.

This new drive has been given just the 0.2lbs, which is really a light weight compared to its ancestors. According to certain official reports, the upcoming Seagate product comes with 25% lesser weight compared to the earlier version devices. It is also reported that, the Seagate is reportedly into the process of drives which are effectively suitable for the lighter tablets & laptop devices as well.

Price of Slimmer 2TB Seagate Drives:

The price of the 2.5 inch 2TB Seagate drive will be announced sooner in the future along with the official date of release. Some of the tech experts considers that, anything around $120 could be a reasonable price for the Seagate 2TB hard drive technically. Unless the same technology is used to make the smaller capacities of the drives, there is no way of expecting the affordable rates with this products price!

Let us wait & watch for the official release dates & its price for having a reliable review over the product. Stay updated!

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