Just 2 Hours Only – Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Snatched in SK

Samsung is now unveiled it’s another incredible device none other than the Smartwatch series. Though the Smartwatch project isn’t new to the Korean tech giant, the same is now redefined technically. This time, the Samsung unveiled its another upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear device, which is officially termed as “Samsung Galaxy Gear S2”. There is a healthy demand for this Smartwatch in the market and this is deliberately claimed with the number of pre-orders made with the device, right from the day 1! Interestingly, there are few scheduled dispatch of the device are up for the customers who have pre-ordered the same.

Only 2 Hours Was the Flashsale:
Just 2 Hours Only – Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Snatched in SK
Just 2 Hours Only – Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Snatched in SK
Actually, there was a scheduled sale made available by the Samsung on its local Official website on upcoming October 2. Interestingly, the first batch of the Smartwatch consists of 1000 units has went on the flashsale, which lasts only for a couple of hours!!

The 1000 unit consists of both the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic were equally shared the flashsale technically. The Korean analyst note has stated that, “The new Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 has been enjoyed the same welcome ceremony from the customers of Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear (first version) devices”.

Plenty Full of Features with Gear S2:

There is really a plenty of full of powerful features are enabled with the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Smartwatch. According to the customers point of view, there are approximately 16 to 18 apps are enabled with the Smartwatch right out of the box. Interestingly, you can’t remove at least 12 of them by default! Also, this is deliberate move by the maker, as it comes with their indigenous operating system, the Tizen OS. As you enjoy the features like Messages, Calls, Gallery, Emails and other useful features of the Android, you could enjoy the same here (Tizen OS) as well.

Buddy is another impressive app enabled with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 (both classic & original version), which by default finds your favorite contacts through various intelligence analysis it undergoes! The options like “Looking for MyDevice” option helps you to get the right way of finding your connected devices around the corner or any other hidden areas. Also, the features like Syrup Wallet helps you to make your shopping bill that easy as possible!!

Whatever it may be, the Galaxy Gear S2 Smartwatch is really another brilliant device from Samsung! We are waiting for another batch of release globally or to any particular continents as well on October 2! Just a week to move on; let us hope for the best!!

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