Fake Apple Stores in China with Original iPhones

China is certainly familiar for plenty of things, and the fake identities creativity is topper among them! Hope you know, Apple recently unveiled its highly anticipated Smartphone “Apple iPhone 6S” globally and most of the customers had received the same (through Pre-Order concept). Recently, there is a shocking new spread viral on the Internet about the crazy activity of the Apple Fan in China, which is, he is interested in buying a new Apple iPhone 6S device, but doesn’t has enough money to do so, and hence he sold his kidney to buy the same! This is definitely not a new case in China, as there are plenty of such stupidity activity are happening there on daily basis!
Fake Apple Stores in China with Original iPhones
Fake Apple Stores in China with Original iPhones
Another interesting story with this mad iPhone 6S crazy is that, some group of stores in China started to make some quick amount through capitalizing this iPhone 6S market through getting orders on certain fake online stores!! These kind of incredible activities are held in Shenzhen of China.

To spread the awareness about the fake identities in China, especially at the Shenzhen, there is an article published by the Reuters and it states that, “The world's second-largest smartphone vendor only has one official store in Shenzhen and five authorized dealers in the area. Most of the stores in the roughly 1 km shopping corridor are unauthorised "fakes” – although they are selling genuine Apple products – and their numbers, expected to be around 30, have mushroomed ahead of the release on Friday of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus,”.

The above reports also add that, there are few fake outlets were also made available in China regarding the Apple’s Signature Outlets. Interestingly, this kind of fake outlets deliberately wearing the perfect uniform of Apple Employee, like the Blue TShirts with the white logo (Apple’s) with some of the model iPads and iWatches at the display section.

Probably, this is not the first in kind of fake outlets or the cocycats stores have cropped up in China, perhaps, mostly happening at every time the major flagship devices released either by Samsung or the Apple made. In fact, the mobile makers itself started to display some of the fake stores available at various locations across the globe on their official website.

However, there is not much legal activities are takenup towards those fake online or offline retails, nevertheless this time!!

One thing is pretty sure, please beware of those fake identities and buy through certain genuine stores, which you look safe as really safe!!!

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