Android BlackBerry Priv Smartphone Officially Confirmed

The Canadian Smartphone maker BlackBerry is currently into the phase of producing the Android operating system enabled mobiles in the industry. Hope you heard about the most secured Smartphone ever in the Android history, which is certainly designed & developed by BlackBerry in the name of BlackBerry Passport indeed. Perhaps, the mobile maker is now into the process of launching another new Android powered Smartphone and it is officially confirmed by the maker. The new Android mobile from the BlackBerry is certainly termed as “BlackBerry Priv”. I think the “priv” is a short form of the privacy; however, the nomenclature will be cleared once the mobile goes into the manufacturing unit.

Accordingly, this new information (leak) about the BlackBerry Priv mobile is brought to you by, the world’s most trusted Twitter leaker, none other than Evan Blass!
Android BlackBerry Priv Smartphone Officially Confirmed
Android BlackBerry Priv Smartphone Officially Confirmed
According to the official statement from the BlackBerry gives that, there is a slider mobile exist with the maker and it is termed as “Venice”. However, the glimpse of this stuff has started right from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. There are lots of mystery bundled with that particular system and even the CEO of BlackBerry; John Chen promised to make an Android system based mobile, only if it can reach the high security standard of the Company, indeed.

Official Press Release by BlackBerry:

Today, BlackBerry is announcing two new additions to its handheld device roadmap. First, the company will launch a flagship slider device, Priv, which will run on the Android operating system, bringing together the best of BlackBerry security and productivity with the expansive mobile application ecosystem available on the Android platform. In combination with BlackBerry's efforts to support Android for Work on the BES12 platform, the new device will offer best in class security for enterprise customers. BlackBerry expects the device to be available late in the calendar year in major markets in-store and online, and will release further details in the coming weeks.

No Giving Up on BES12 Platform:

Despite of the new changes in the phase of BlackBerry to make the Android platform based mobiles, it is strongly stated that, the company isn’t any mean to giving up its legendary BES12 platform for the Smartphones. While explaining about this in a press meet, the company officials said that, “The inclusion of new operating system (Android) certainly provide options to our new & existing customers, perhaps, BlackBerry is strictly committed to make BB10 operating system as its major”.

Highlights of BlackBerry Priv Mobile:

The BlackBerry Priv Smartphone is expected to powered by the Snapdragon 808 chipset along with the combination of the 3GB RAM.

The new BB-Android mobile is also expected possessed with the 18MP camera at the rear end along with dual LED flashlight.

Certainly, it runs on the Android Lollipop operating system.

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