Xiaomi Mi5 Scores 73K AnTuTu Benchmark

The rumors with the Xiaomi Mi5 have been grownup high in these days. Right from May, there are plenty of rumors spinning around this Chinese Smartphone maker categorically. Hope you know, Xiaomi unveiled its latest operating system MiUi 7 few days back, and the same got tremendous enthusiasm with the Xiaomi lovers across the globe (especially the Asian countries). Also, with this result, there are over 800000 Redmi Note 2 device went off in a flash sale and that made a world record as well as the domestic sales record in China. This is the right time to break the silence with the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi5 Scores 73K in AnTuTu:
Xiaomi Mi5 Scores 73K AnTuTu Benchmark
Xiaomi Mi5 Scores 73K AnTuTu Benchmark
Certain Smartphone’s in these days are really gets leaked with the Benchmark results. Likewise, the latest and upcoming Smartphone from Xiaomi, the Mi5 has also gets leaked with the AnTuTu benchmark results. Interestingly, the score card results in a great surprise with the Mi5 mobile. Yes, the AnTuTu benchmark result of the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone goes up to 73075. Statistically speaking, the unannounced Samsung Hoax is the only mobile which crosses this score (specifically, 96K). Even the currently available Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Smartphones provide just 70K in the respective bench mark test.

Key Features of Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone:

As the rumor (but may be true as well) Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone has made over 73K in the AnTuTu benchmark, there are several expectations grows with the same. It is widely expected that, this mobile will be boasted with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor, why because; this is the latest Smartphone CPU up to date. Though, the next generation Qualcomm CPU has been released, you can’t expect any of those versions within the H1 2016 technically.

Though, Xiaomi officially announced they are opted the MediaTek Helio X20 CPU, there are few delays with the development. This is especially because, the mobile prevalent the big.LITTLE architecture to another level and makes the Tri-Cluster architecture, which supports 10 Cores. To be specific, this is the first Deci Core Smartphone CPU in the world.

It is also rumored that, the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone will be launched officially by the end of November 2015.

Highlights of Xiaomi Mi5 4G Mobile:

Comes with 5.3 inch QHD Display for the brighter picture and visual effects

The 4GB RAM of mobile gives enough space for the amazing multitasking, you have never experienced before.

The mobile is featured with 16MP Rear camera with the option of optically stabilized sensor, which makes you capture the better images and videos even at low light conditions.

With the several advanced features, the Type C charger is also added, and it gives you faster way of two side charging carriers at its best.

Everything stated above are just from a rumor source and don’t take anything specific until it gets officially confirmed.

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