Vodafone to Launch 4G Services by December in India

India still lagging in the faster internet services like 4G! Only very few cities where offered with the 4G LTE support, that too like Wi-Fi internet service, not on the mobile devices. As of now, Airtel plays some important role with the 4G in India, as it is in the testing phase in both Kolkata & Bangalore. This is soon to be changed by the Vodafone. Yes, Vodafone is expected to launch its 4G service in India by coming December 2015. This statement officially released by the operator in a press release. Also, it is said that, Vodafone is currently testing its 4G services across the country.

Vodafone to Launch 4G Services by December in India
Vodafone to Launch 4G Services by December in India
The number 2 telecom operator in India, none other than Vodafone stated that, "Important data markets including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Kochi will be part of the first wave of the roll-out. In addition, Vodafone India will also roll out its own 3G networks in 7 circles - Assam, North East, UP West, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha, to expand its overall 3G footprint to 16 circles across the country,”.

Vodafone 4G LTE Launching Areas in India:

Vodafone is expected to launch its 4G LTE services in the following areas, like Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, and Kolkata as well. It is said that, it has acquired additional 4G LTE spectrum in the above stated circles in February 2014 auction. These are the circles, where Vodafone gains its 50% of its total data shares revenues across the entire service areas.

As Vodafone is an international carrier service provider, it is officially claimed that, it has launched 4G LTE on 18 countries. It has also consists of 20 million 4G LTE mobile network subscribers.

In the press release report the 4G LTE service provider stated that, “Over the last few months, Vodafone India has taken several steps to modernize its radio network and switching systems. Charging platforms have also been upgraded to facilitate a wider bouquet of products and services. Major investments have been made in high capacity Fibre/backhaul to significantly increase the internet connectivity to the rest of the world,”

Remember Airtel is the first carrier in India to launch the 4G LTE services and it is currently operating in 296 towns across the country. Some of the official reports suggest that, Reliance Jio was also into the process of launching its 4G service through the Pan-India 4G license and expected to roll out its service by December 2015.

One thing is very clear that, India will experience the faster internet services within few months from now. Let us wait & watch, stay here for further real time updates on the topic. 

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