Meizu New Smartphone to be featured with Exynos CPU

Meizu one among the emerging global Smartphone maker from China has been in the new venture of making tremendous change with its processing segments. It is anticipated that, Meizu might have the habit of changing its processor vendor indeed. This is because, most of the Smartphones offered by them with Qualcomm processor, and doesn’t seem to be going fine with the market. This makes them now to move forward with the offerings from MediaTek & Samsung processors. In fact, the latest Meizu MX4 was also defected with the MediaTek processor and hence now, the company is eying towards the new processor vendor, none other than Samsung.
Meizu New Smartphone to be featured with Exynos CPU
Meizu New Smartphone to be featured with Exynos CPU
MX4 Pro Powered with Exynos Series CPU

As of now, the new Miezu MX4 Pro is the only Smartphone to have the Exynos CPU and that definitely comes with the exceptional performance naturally. According to the official report, this mobile is possessed with Exynos 5430 CPU and the Pro Moniker is really doing its bit of effective recital technically.

Also, it seems that, MX5 Pro Smartphone from Meizu could also be featured with the same set of Chipset, for its effective features and performances. Though it is not made any official statement about the usability of same processor in their next iteration Pro-Moniker device, there is plenty of chances for doing so.

There Won’t Be MX5 Pro – from Meizu:

Even though many rumor mills and other social networks from China reportedly claiming the next Smartphone from Meizu will be - MX5 Pro, the respective Chinese Smartphone maker doesn’t offered any confirmative word about the same. Also, the official confirmations are suggesting that, Meizu is in the process of developing some new mobile under the replacement of the MX5 Pro.

The unofficial words from Meizu states that, “the new mobile from the maker will be comes with bigger and brighter screen and certainly the alternative competitor to the existing high end Smartphones in the industry”. Will it be powered with Samsung Exynos 7420 chipset enabled Smartphone, we have to wait & watch the stuff in the near future!

Same Chipset used with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Meizu:

One of the reports originating from China suggests that, the next generation high end Smartphone from Meizu will be featured with the same chipset utilized with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device. Interestingly, Samsung is also stand with the same processor with its upcoming devices like Samsung Galaxy note 5 and S6 Edge+ devices. As the price of the chipset will never be cheaper, some of the unofficial resources suggest that, the new MX5 Pro Smartphone (if it comes into the market) will be fixed with the rate of $480.

This rate is definitely a nearer to the existing flagship devices from Samsung indeed!

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