HTC O2 New Flagship Smartphones 2015

The High Tech Computer (HTC) Smartphone maker finally into the next generation Android Smartphones with new names in the section. Apparently, they are the next iteration of the HTC One Flagship mobiles. There are plenty of confusions made accessible with the upcoming HTC mobiles, especially with the flagship Smartphones. There are certain new rumor reports claimed in China (might be true as well) reporting the new names of the upcoming Android mobiles from the Taiwanese company indeed. Interestingly, the rumor stated that, “HTC O2” was their next flagship name for the HTC mobiles. This is definitely not going be the best option for the company to make the effective market in UK region.
HTC O2 New Flagship Smartphones 2015
HTC O2 New Flagship Smartphones 2015
This is especially because, in the UK region, there is a mobile carrier service provider in the same name, i.e. Carrier O2. This might definitely come into play, if HTC decides to go with the same name in those markets. However, the rest of the world will definitely agree the name as there won’t be any impact made with the new name. According to the current status of the report, you are offered with specifications of the HTC O2 at its best. There is definitely a great improvement made with this HTC O2 and let us see them in the following lines.

Highlights of the HTC O2 Smartphone:
  • Sported with 6 inch IPS HD Display
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU
  • 4GB RAM & 64/128GB Internal memory
  • 3500mAh battery
  • Water & Dust protection enabled

Description of HTC O2 Mobile:

The HTC O2 Smartphone is said to have the finest touch screen at the range of 6 inch. The display is made available with QHD resolution, which definitely offers you the better visualization in various angles at its best. It earlier rumored to have the 4K supported display, which enables you to enjoy theater screen videos into the mobile.

The HTC O2 is made available with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, which is the latest processor up-to-date. It also rumored that; the new HTC O2 Smartphone will be featured in the market by later October 2015.

While coming to the Smartphone RAM capabilities, the HTC O2 has been enabled with 4GB RAM, whilst the internal memory of the Smartphone has been built to support 64GB and 128GB version. There is a strong storage space available with this rumored HTC O2 Smartphone. Interestingly, the HTC O2 built with 3500mAh battery, which lasts long for all your multitasking stuffs with the mobile at its best.

According to the recently released rumors, there is no doubt you gain extra new experience with the upcoming HTC O2 Smartphone. Let us wait and watch the actual outcome of the mobile just a few months later, until then stay tuned to us!