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Get Ready for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with MiUi 7 OS

It is the right time to launch the new iteration of the Android – believes Xiaomi ahead of Google. There were a few rumors about the next version of the Xiaomi made custom ROM i.e. MiUi operating system. Most of the rumors were about the operating system features, which are expected to posses with the upcoming Android M OS. Xiaomi officially announced the customer to save the date, August 13, 2015. There is no doubt the event will have the discovery of new Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 as well as the MiUi 7 Operating System.

Most of the rumors spreading across China suggest that, the long waited Redmi Note 2 will become official on the same date. Some of the familiar Chinese online retailers were also made their space for the pre-order (i.e. from August 16, 2015) of the upcoming Smartphone from Xiaomi.
Get Ready for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with MiUi 7 OS
Get Ready for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with MiUi 7 OS
Another Affordable Smartphone from Xiaomi:

There is no doubt that, this Chinese Smartphone maker will have series quality mobiles at the affordable rates. Once again they proved it come realistic in nature. Yes, the latest Redmi Note 2 Smartphone is expected to come with the rate of just €117, i.e. $128 indeed. With the effective conversion this Smartphone will never cost more than Rs.8000 in India, you will be surprised with some online retail price tag of Rs.7999/-.

Interestingly, the above said rate is only for the 32GB version of the mobile and for the 16GB device, the rate is mentioned as $112. Really affordable right! Let us have the detailed discussion over the specifications of the Redmi Note 2 Smartphone.

Key Features of Redmi Note 2 China:
  • 5.5 inch IPS Full HD Display
  • 13MP Rear & 5MP Front Snapper
  • 2GB RAM & 16/32GB Internal Memory
  • Runs on Android based MiUi 7 OS
  • 3020mAh Battery
  • MediaTek Octa Core Processor

According to the above mentioned status of the specifications, there is no way you could make complaint with the Smartphone at least at the paper level, considering its pricing for sure. Yes, you are gifted with the 5.5 inch of Full HD IPS Display touch screen, which is definitely offering you the best in class visuals technically.

Later the Smartphone is featured with Octa Core technology made MediaTek processor, which is made to run at the speed of 2GHz. The speed will really be mesmerizing. This CPU is well coupled with the 2GB RAM for the flexible multitasking environment with the device. You are also gifted with the latest version MiUi 7 operating system with the mobile.

The camera department of the mobile is featured with 5MP at the Selfie area followed by 13MP at the rear. The rear camera is boasting with several incredible sensors for the bright capturing of the images and videos. The removable type 3020mAh battery helps you to have a long drive with the Smartphone with many games and necessary apps.


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