Asus Today Announced 2 Deluxe Smartphones in India

Asus is very busy in-terms of launching certain impressive Smartphones in India and global as well. Just a few weeks ago, it was officially stated that Asus is going to launch 2 new Smartphones and it has deliberately made it. This mobile has been announced in the existing line up of Asus Zenfone 2 and now it has the deluxe status in addition.  The new deluxe Smartphone from the Asus is really made up of cool specs followed by advanced front camera utilities. Let us see the crucial information offered with both these devices in depth.
Asus Today Announced 2 Deluxe Smartphones in India
Asus Today Announced 2 Deluxe Smartphones in India
Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe:

Though the name of the mobile seems to be the year old, the mobile still stands out from the crowd with its uniqueness in the specifications. The “Premium crafted polygonal design” makes the system to be very aesthetic in nature. This brand new crystal miracle is made up of “500+ unique triangles”, which definitely impress everyone at the first sight itself. Let us walk through the detailed specs of the same in the following lines.

It has the 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p display with the IPS Touch screen technology. The built in Gorilla Glass version 3 makes the display unassailable from the minor scratches or fall downs. Also, Asus is boast the Intel Atom Chipsets with this devices and nevertheless it’s 4GB RAM concept indeed. You probably known the earlier version of the same has been gifted with the 3GB RAM.

While comparing to the earlier version of the device, it is now built with 64GB internal memory, which again expands up to 128GB externally. There is nothing new with the operating system, perhaps the same Android L OS. The 13MP primary camera followed by the 5MP Selfie makes the system to capture perfect pictures at finest clarity indeed. The battery capacity is raised to 3000mAh and that gives you enough back up power for all your needs of the day.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser:

The next Smartphone from the latest Combo offer from Asus is nothing but the Asus ZenFone 2 Laser indeed. It has the 5 inch HD display touch screen followed by a 5.5 inch sibling as well. The camera of the Smartphone is powered with 13MP at the rear door, and improvised to 8MP at the front door. The Super Resolution Sensor with the rear end helps you to capture the picture up to 52MP resolution for sure.

The front end also offers you to capture the images or video using the 2MP sensor, to save energy and data charges followed by the faster communications as well. Apart from that, this mobile is enabled with 2G RAM and 8GB internal storage. It doesn’t support the 128GB external memory but 32GB/64GB indeed. Runs on the latest Android operating system and has the 4G LTE connectivity. It could have either have the 2070mAh or the 2400mAh battery for the power requirements.

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