Archos Tripple Windows 10 Smartphone Launched

Archos the French Smartphone maker has come with new triple Smartphones with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, and definitely first of its kind in the market. There might certainly be a realistic reason behind flooding the market with multiple of Windows 10 devices at once. According to the official reports of Archos, it has announced 3 incredible mobiles, where entry level has a worth of it, whilst the other two shares same shades in terms of hardware mostly. Before giving you exact details with the Archos devices, let us see the names of the mobile and are as follows,
  • Archos 50 Cesium,
  • Archos 50e Helium and
  • Archos Diamond S

The first two devices are said to be available only with the Windows 10 operating system. This also shares one among the very common attractions on all two devices. Also, the highest version among the triple devices moves with Android OS. Certainly that concludes the software department at its best.
Archos Tripple Windows 10 Smartphone Launched
Archos Tripple Windows 10 Smartphone Launched
Archos 50 Cesium:

To be very sure and official, this Archos 50 Cesiumis the first mobile in the world to made run with the Windows 10 OS, not even the Microsoft own mobiles gets this official confirmation. This mobile is confirmed to have the 5 inch of HD resolution display with 720p. The camera department of the mobile is made with 8MP at the rear, also equipped with 2MP at the front door. It is made to run with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset and coupled with the 1GB RAM for the reasonable multitasking experience at its best. Interestingly, this mobile is made to support the global 4G LTE bands and provided with dual SIM slots. The 2100mAh battery and 8GB expandable storage completes the rest of the specs.

Archos 50e Helium Smartphone:

The only distinction made available with this Archos 50e Helium Smartphone is its software discipline. Yes, this mobile is announced to run on the Android Lollipop version 5.1 indeed. If it’s not made so, then, the mobile will share the very identical specifications of the Archos 50 Cesium.

Interestingly, both the above said Smartphones will be available for purchase at the cost of €99 either Unlocked or SIM Free version & expected to come to market by November 2015.

Archos Diamond S Mobile 2015:

This Archos Diamond S is the high end mobile among the triple announced Archos mobiles. This mobile is also expected to run on the Android Lollipop OS, whilst its screen comes with 5inch of HD resolution. The touch screen is also protected with the Gorilla Glass version 3. Archos done their part very well with the camera, which results 16MP at the rear and 8MP at the Selfie snapper area.

The mobile is powered by the MediaTek Octa Core processor, which runs on 1.5GHz at its best. It is enabled with 2GB RAM along with 16GB expandable storage support. You will definitely experience some best performance with this combination categorically. Overall power requirements of the mobile are handled well by the 2300mAh battery…

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