Apple Launched iOS 8.4.1 Today Free Update

Apple the Cupertino Company has done a lot in the mobile industry. This is one among the standalone company in the world, where both the software and hardware department are exceptionally handled by themselves. This has several outstanding feature of developing a new hardware and well supported software indeed. Today, Apple has renowned for their standalone internet generation and certainly created the Apple community across the globe. Interestingly, both the hardware and software has been really doing their finest boostup in the market. Most of us definitely waiting for the next generation iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Smartphone and the wait could be over by 9 September 2015.
Apple Launched iOS 8.4.1 Today Free Update
Apple Launched iOS 8.4.1 Today Free Update
Apple Launched the New Operating System:

Hey cool, it’s not meant a new operating system in different name! Apple certainly provided an update to the existing iOS. Yes, today Apple has rolled out the updated version iOS 8.4.1 operating system, which will effectively support the iPads and iPhones.

Hope you will be aware of the recently launched (June) iOS version 8.4, where it has supported the Apple Music app. Apple Music is the live music streaming app from the Apple, like that of Google Music for the Android.

Cleared with Official Challenges:

The earlier version of the iOS 8.4 has got some important bugs, especially with the iPad applications. The updated version iOS 8.4.1 has cleared all the official challenges made with the earlier version at its best. This updated version comes live for all the supported devices, and the update size is about 56.6MB. Fascinatingly, the music lovers can make the most of this update as the Apple Music error with the earlier versions has been moved.

Access to the iCloud Music Library:

With all the effective improvements with the iOS 8.4, the latest version 8.4.1 has been cleared with the access to the iCloud Music Library (part of the Apple Music). You can now create the playlist of lovable music and get access to the same at offline as well. Connecting to a new radio station (online) isn’t difficult anymore. This is indirectly indicating that, you can now tune into the Beats 1 Radio Station technically.

List of Highlights with the Update:
  • Resolves the bugs with iCloud Music Library
  • Apple Music set to show offline
  • Can create new playlist for future playback
  • Tapping to a new radio station hasn’t difficult

Let us hope the new version of the iOS 8.4.1 brings all sorts of better user experience at its best! Please share your personal experience with the iOS 8.4.1 in the comment box.

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