Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Mobile Images by Sao Paulo Police

Hope you read our recent post, which stated the Sony Lavender to be called as Sony Xperia C5 Smartphone. The official radar of the Xperia C5 has been started to get into the market in recent days. One of the major rumors about the mobile is that, it could have the 5.5 inch Bezel-free display! But, today, we are really having a very different story in the market.
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Mobile Images by Sao Paulo Police
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Mobile Images by Sao Paulo Police
The official images of the Sony Xperia C5 Smartphone have been brought to you by, Sao Paulo Police Department, you don’t believe this, but that was the true!!

This incident has been happened by making an investigation on a theft Smartphone. They were in the recovery of a stolen Smartphone, (the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra). This mobile has been went missing with the Brazilian Certification Agency (ANATEL) and the phone was later found to be available for auction on Facebook.

The Brazilian forces were done certain brilliant undercover works to find the missed Sony Xperia C5 and found it. But the later happenings were the most real interesting stuff with the incident.

The police department certainly fails to deliver the mobile to either Sony or the ANATEL, but made a official press release along with a photo of the Smartphone, about their investigation and recovering it. This excellent police work once again confirms the mobile doesn’t have a bezel display. Hence, there is no doubt that, the upcoming Sony Xperia C5 will be having a bezel free display.

Highlights of Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Smartphone:

The mobile is featured with the 5.5 inch Full HD resolution (1080) along with the 5 multi touch gesturers.

Also, the MediaTek MT 6752 Octa Core CPU with 1.7GHz Speed.

It comes with 2GB RAM along with 16/32GB internal memory

It is also made to run with the latest Android Lollipop version 5.1 operating system right out of the box.

One of the special features of about this Smartphone is that, it comes with flash support at both the ends. The front end comes with a flash light followed by 5MP camera, whilst the rear end is made with 13MP camera, along with the LED flash support.

Bottom Line:

This Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Smartphone has gone for several certifications and the official statements are just a few days away. Stay tuned!!

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