Samsung Galaxy Note 5 August 12 2015 Release

Samsung the supreme Smartphone maker from Korea has been really impressing customers with incredible mobiles at its best possible rates. Their success behind the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices are really incredible and yet they are the dominant in the market globally. So far, they are now targeting the Tablet users and hence planned to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The release date of the tablet is expected to be August 12th2015. Also, the interesting news about the same is that, the launch event could also be anticipated with Galaxy S6 Edge plus mobile. Also, the report states that, these mobile and tablet combination will go for sale by 21stAugust 2015.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 August 12 2015 Release
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 August 12 2015 Release
Some of the interesting facts about the tablet device are coming along way and we are here to share the same. Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device will be featured with any external memory slot on board. This makes the tablet won’t support any expandable memory needs of the users; perhaps Samsung could have a decent or ample of space within the internal memory section.

In terms of design stuffs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been featured with the “Blown up Version” and hence you will be getting the same kind of flagship experience as you acquired with the Galaxy S6 Mobile. The thin bezel base gives you beautiful look naturally. The device is anticipated to have the following colors such as, Black, Gold, Silver, and White colors.

One of the great news associated with the recent leaks is that, the Samsung S Pen will also be featured with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There are few quite incredible designs are made available the S Pen and looks very similar like our daily usage pen. You will be gifted with the same color to both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung S Pen as well.

Some of the official specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are as follows.

The mobile is said to have an Exynos 7420 SoC from the same Smartphone maker indeed. This is an indigenously made CPU and hence the performance will really be better (hope so!). Also, the processor is well coupled with the 3GB RAM for the efficient multitasking requirements.

Stay tuned with us, we will bring you more reliable and live updates with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 categorically.