OnePlus 2 Smartphone will Have Android M Features

OnePlus 2 mobile is making its sensational news across the globe. Though the mobile is yet to release and the hype & curiosity with the Smartphone grows day by day. Certainly, the makers of the mobile deliberately calls, the “OnePlus 2 will be a flagship killer of 2016”, this is the same tagline used for the OnePlus One Smartphone but only the year has been changed and the results were really fruitful. The Scheduled debut of the OnePlus 2 Smartphone is yet to become official, but nevertheless its features and news. This time, the mobile has been revealed its operating system segment.
OnePlus 2 Smartphone will Have Android M Features
OnePlus 2 Smartphone will Have Android M Features
Expect Android M Features with OnePlus 2:

This is really an interesting hype generated with the OnePlus 2 Smartphone. As they said, it’s a flagship Killer Smartphone 2016, there is no doubt, that the mobile will have a latest operating system at its best time. By the way, the OnePlus 2 mobile has it’s dedicated operating system, i.e. Oxygen OS which is a derived product of Android OS.

Accordingly, the Smartphone is said to run with the latest operating system and its features with the Oxygen OS 2. Though, the OnePlus 2 is not created to compete with the current flagship killer Smartphones, they are targeting the 2016 flasghips, this definitely make us to have a think over the specifications it could have been enabled with.

By doing so, the operating system section is slightly impressing even before its official. Yes, most of us know, the Android M (unspecified) operating system will be the next iteration of Android OS, and that features are expected to be enabled with the OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS 2.

If that was made possible, definitely the new OnePlus 2 will be the world’s first Smartphone to have a Android M OS features and definitely make it a good flagship killer devices of the year 2016. It is also stated that, the operating system division engineers of OnePlus 2 has been started to work with the Custom ROM design for the Android M and once the Android M is made accessible, the custom ROM will be made ready as soon as possible and hence the update too.

We already got a chance to take a glimpse at the OnePlus 2 during its visit in TENAA earlier this week. The high-end handset is confirmed to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, 4GB of RAM, USB Type-C, a fingerprint sensor that is allegedly faster that the one found in Apple’s iPhone, and a sub-$450 price tag.

Most of the official features are really suitable for the flagship devices, at the same time, most of them are being already implemented on several flagship devices for sure. They are, high end CPU, i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810SoC, followed by 4GB RAM (definitely this combination is not a new in the Smartphone world). In fact, the USB Type C chargers and Fingerprint sensor where also allegedly found on Apple iPhones, nevertheless the same price.

The price tag of the OnePlus 2 device could be around $450 and really worth of the investment. By the way, the new mobile is expected to make it debut by 27th July 2015, Stay tuned for more coverage over the same!

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