Get Ready for LG G4 Flagship Smartphone – T Mobile

Hope most of you are really interested in the purchase of the flagship Smartphone from LG, none other than LG G4. This Smartphone is currently inspiring millions of peoples globally. There are several amazing technologies are being built with this mobile and hence the traffic. The fingerprint sensor, face detection security stuff, followed by dual LTE SIM slot, and latest camera & operating system makes the same incredibly superb. According to the official news, there are few exciting offers are also accessible with this mobile, both in online and offline retails. Purchasing the same in EMI will be a better move for those who can’t afford a lot with the Smartphone at a time!
Get Ready for LG G4 Flagship Smartphone – T Mobile
Get Ready for LG G4 Flagship Smartphone – T Mobile
In order to make the EMI lovers feel excited, the T-Mobile, one of the leading mobile service providers in USA has come forward with amazing offers. The opening sale of the LG G4 flagship Smartphone from TMobile has been going for sale at the rate of just $480. You can also buy the same Smartphone with the EMI of $20 per month for just 24 months.

Initially, the Smartphone is gone for sale at the rate of $600 with the same carrier. But, now they are in the process of offering the LG G4 Smartphone with offers. This new offer for the LG G4 helps you to save $120 approximately. According to the latest market details, the same Smartphone is up for sale with AT&T @ $630, whilst the Sprint sale at $600 and the Verizon makes the sale at $550.

Apart from the price reduction, the carrier also makes various offers with the mobile and is as follows. You will be gifted with free second battery along with the charge cradle. Also, the limited edition back case/cover comes within the package.

Important to Note:

All these above mentioned offers are valid only up to July 31st 2015. But wait, there is no end date mentioned with the $480 offer for the LG G4.

Bottom Line:

As the offers are flowing with the LG G4 Smartphone, the Smartphone lovers across the globe are still feeling that, the mobile is overpriced categorically. Some of them are being complaining about the mobiles performance with the battery, because, with the 4G mobile network, the battery drains as faster as possible. There might be a true update from the maker to address this issue, if it is certainly true!

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