Galaxy Tab S2 Launched in Hong Kong | Coming Soon India

Samsung is very conscious in launching their next iteration devices, which must satisfy their users and also should overcome the previous issues (if any). That is why, Samsung is making their time to launch new device with the Note (tablet). After a long R&D, today, Samsung come forward to announce their new iteration Samsung Galaxy device in the name of “Samsung Galaxy Tab S2”. According to the official statement by Samsung, the new device will be launched officially within a week from now. Interestingly, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been made available for pre-order in Europe online stores.
Galaxy Tab S2 Launched in Hong Kong | Coming Soon India
Galaxy Tab S2 Launched in Hong Kong | Coming Soon India
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Go Sale on 4th August 2015:

Though certain online stores in Europe have made their statement for the pre-order for the device, the true Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be officially launched on 4thAugust 2015 only. The official launch event is schedule to hold in Hong Kong on the above mentioned date. The device is expected to come with two variants, i.e. in terms of screen size. The first version comes with 9.7 inches, whilst the second moves with 8 inch. The same is also varied in Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi with LTE connectivity.

Both the screen size of 9.7 inch and 8 inch has been comes with the Wi-Fi only options and priced at $500 and $400 respectively. The Black and White are the only color options made available with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Wi-Fi version devices. It is also stated that, the new gold color variant will be made to available from mid of August 2015.

Interestingly, the price of the LTE & Wi-Fi devices is really rocketing! Yes, the LTE & Wi-Fi version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 of 9.7 inch has been priced at the rate of $630 and the small 8 inch device has been priced $527. Here too, only the white and black options are available at the launching event and later joins the golden model.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Offers:

If you are purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at the launching day, you are provided with reasonable offers to save your expense. The Expedia Discount of $20 will be provided with the pack and also you can use it on purchasing extra 100GB cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive for two years of subscriptions. You are also offered with free 3 month Audio subscription and download 1 ebook from Kindle app for free for 3 months.


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