Asus Zenfone S 8.0 Available for Purchase in US $199

Hope you know, Asus officially unveiled its several Zenfone tablets in the recently conducted event. Asus announced that, they will launch those branded tablets globally and with respect to that, Asus unveiled its new Zenfone S 8.0 in US today. Yes, US peoples can now avail the better chances of purchasing the Asus Zenfone S 8.0 tablet. According to the official reports, the new Asus Zenfone S 8.0 tablet will be available for purchase at the rate of $199.99 in US. Let us walk through the official specifications offered with this tablet at its best.
Asus Zenfone S 8.0 Available for Purchase in US $199
Asus Zenfone S 8.0 Available for Purchase in US $199
Official Specs of Asus Zenfone S 8.0 Tablet:
  • 8 inch Full HD IPS Touch Screen
  • Runs on Android Lollipop OS
  • 5MP Primary & 2MP Selfie Camera
  • 2GB RAM & 32GB Internal Memory
  • Intel Atom Z3560 Chipset CPU
  • Wi-Fi Only Mode

Operating System:

The operating system of the Asus Zenfone S 8.0 Tablet has been powered with the Android Lollipop OS. According to the official status, the tablet has been powered with the latest Android version 5.1 OS and hence you will definitely get the finest user experience with the operating system without fail.

Camera Features:

This is really an important segment of the tablet. Why, because, most of the tablets in these days are really powered with better pixels at both ends. To have a support from this section, the Asus Zenfone S 8.0 tablet is also featured with the 5MP rear camera along with the flashlight for the better images even at the low light areas. Interestingly, the 2MP Selfie snapper at the front end makes the tablet a supportive device for video calls and selfies as well.

CPU Section:

Asus is very conscious about the implementation of the better processor to have right perception about its product in the audience. Accordingly, the new Intel Atom CPU chipset Z3560 is built with the Asus Zenfone S 8.0 for the processing requirements. This is a 1.83GHz running Quad Core CPU and hence every action you perform will be done accordingly, faster and faster always.

Display Perspective:

This Asus Zenfone S 8.0 tablet is featured with better display for the better visual experience from various angles. The 8 inch touch screen display is made up of higher resolution with the 2048*1536 pixels and hence you will get excellent color reproduction categorically. This touch screen UI supports 5 multitouch indeed.

RAM & Storage:

While coming to the RAM segment of the Asus Zenfone S 8.0, it has 2GB RAM. This gives you enough room to have decent mode of multitasking even at the heavy usage of the apps and games at the background, categorically. Interestingly, the tablet is featured with 32GB internal memory and hence you can all your necessary files along with you!

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